Trying to finish something at the last minute can be exhausting. And when this exhaustion hits, it can really bring your motivation to an all time low.  But your first instinct is to snack on a sugary treat for a little energy boost. What you might not know is that this so-called "energy boost" could be doing the exact opposite. 

For a real "energy boost", you need to fuel your body with foods that will help keep you full and focused. People are tempted to consume glucose (or sugar) in order to give their bodies energy, but foods like pasta and bread - stocked full of glucose - get digested very quickly. This quick digestion leads to a crash.

In order to give our bodies the kind of glucose they need to keep going, we need to eat foods that take longer to digest while avoiding the dreaded sugar crash. Realistically, this isn't always the easiest thing to do - but it can be done.

Being in a rush can make unhealthy foods even more attractive. In order to avoid this and to help keep your motivation just as high after lunch, follow these tips to choose your next lunch. They'll make sure to keep you full and focused (and wanting more). 

1. Plan your lunch the night before

zucchini, cucumber
Abigail Wilkins

Convenience is placed over nutritional content when stress hits. When this happens, it's more likely that the sugar crash will set in right as you need the energy boost.

If you plan your meals the night before, you're guaranteed to be surrounded by better options. You can include every food you need to stay alert. If you're stuck on what to pack, check out these options. 

2. Snack more throughout the day

cashew, cereal, nut
Kristine Mahan

No, I am not talking about eating more sweets. Try reaching for some nuts or even fruit to get yourself to the next meal. This will help balance out your glucose levels and help you avoid a crash. Eating snacks throughout the day will help keep you focused and able to get through even the most challenging task.

3. Eat smaller portions

lentil, cereal, legume, pepper, rice, corn, parsley, vegetable
Katherine Baker

You want to avoid that lethargic feeling that you get after eating a hefty sized meal. Fixing a portion is simple: just change the size of container or plate. The smaller the plate, the more it looks like you're consuming and the less you'll be able to eat. 

If you're always stuck feeling unmotivated after lunch, try these tips for a change. You'll notice the difference in the amount of energy and concentration you have when you change what you're eating. Feel better and get more done by changes some simple eating habits!