College is a balancing act where we constantly tell ourselves, "okay, I've just to make it through this week" every week. Through all of the stresses, we hardly ever put ourselves first.

*Cue Jbieb's Love Yourself* It's time to take care of yourself because let's face it, who will love you better than you love you? Newsflash Merideth Grey: we don't need no McDreamy. These are just some of the ways that help me look in the mirror and say to myself, "pick you, choose you, love YOU."


Know you're the sh*t... but know your sh*t still stinks. Confidence and a smile look great with everything. It all stems from a little bit of perspective and a whole lot of self-loving. Throughout college, I've found myself comparing myself to others. It's something that I would do subconsciously when I wasn't even noticing. In reality, there is no competition. I have found peace within myself and understand my weaknesses, but I don't let them define me.

Kristi Pfeiffer

I take time out of every day to take care of myself. I am no longer afraid to make myself a priority. I have truly discovered my strengths and pride myself on them. No, this doesn't make me full of myself. I never feel ashamed of self-pride. Some people will not understand, and that's okay. I've learned to accept that I cannot please everyone. I am a girl that is no longer a "real crowd pleaser." I live to please myself. But yes, Black Beatles is still a banger.

Body, Spirit, Mind

Sky above, earth below, and peace within. I personally believe that our body is a temple. I was born with this body so I try my best to treat it as best as possible. My spirit is stimulated by my inner ability to encourage myself and pursue life with bravery. I've found that it's important to approach life with a free and open spirit because every opportunity is new and every day is a new opportunity. I allow my mind to internally control me and create my own self-reality. A positive mindset will create positive outcomes.

beer, water
Kristi Pfeiffer

The balance between these 3 components creates internal harmony. It helps me find peace within myself as well as with the external world. I believe that I am my own self-healer and this process of healing comes from nourishing my body, mind, and spirit. Have a strong body. Have a fierce mind. Bring a whole new level of fierce that gives even Sasha Fierce herself a run for her money. Lastly, have a free spirit. Let yourself be as free as you feel after turning in your scantron once your last final exam for the semester.

Move it or Lose it

Remember in Legally Blonde when Elle Woods says, "exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy?" Trust this quote because I swear by it. Exercise and physical activity can be a tough inner motivational battle, but after moving around I feel less stressed, more relaxed, and confident in both myself and my abilities.

tea, beer, pizza
Kristi Pfeiffer

This does not have to be as complicated as people make it out to be. I've come to individualize my physical activity to see the best results and enjoy it as well. I always walk to class and I swear by it. I've tried to practice good habits from the start and always aim to hit the recommended "10,000 step goal" (which becomes so much easier with time). I've made the gym my happy place; a place where I can escape and silence my mind. Not only does my body thank me for it, but my mind does as well. Just be active. That's what I tell myself even when I feel lazy. Walk, jog, run... and no, running away from your problems doesn't count.

You Are What You Eat

Food is your fuel. And for me, it's also what I look forward to every day. It's 20% exercise and 80% diet. Let's get this straight: I've never met a pizza I didn't love, but I also love the way I feel when I eat right. Eating clean has helped me to see and feel results I never imagined. It changed my body, my skin, and overall energy throughout the day.

chicken, salmon, broccoli
Kristi Pfeiffer

A healthy diet helps me be my happiest self. It took quite some time and patience to find what healthy foods I enjoy and love. However, I continued to keep trying foods until I found what works for me. Good food = good mood. Fuel yourself with the right foods; the kinds of foods that "come from a mother" or are "grown in the ground."

Sure, I can't control the crappy weather outside, the winning record of my favorite sports team (I'm looking at you Chicago Blackhawks), or the actions of the opposite sex (it's a hopeless cause honestly), but I do have control over what I put into my body.

College should be the time you find yourself and the time you learn to love taking care of yourself. I've learned that putting myself first from time to time doesn't make me selfish. It has allowed me to see all that I am and all that I can become. I am bold, confident, and no longer afraid of things out of my control or what the future holds.

Go forth into the world with confidence and self-assurance. Find peace in all aspects. Body, soul, and mind. Be active and move around because there are so many things worth seeing and your body will thank you. Fuel your body with the right foods and the right attitude. Choose you. Yes, Derrick Sheppard is dreamy, but he isn't the sun. You are.