Midterms and finals can be the longest and most stressful weeks of a college career. Do you study or do you stay alive? Why choose between two important things! Here are some helpful tips on doing well during midterms/finals week without letting your body take the brunt of it.

First of all, everything is going to be fine. Stop freaking out and thinking that one test will determine your entire career or life. Take a f*cking chill pill and relax. 


Getting sleep in college is extremely difficult. You have different schedules every day, homework loads are different, and you still want to have a social life. Here is just my simple request: don’t say sleep isn’t important.

According to The Huffington Post, “the grades of students who slept seven hours each night during the exam period were nearly 10% higher than those of students who got less sleep.” Sleep in the library, sleep in your bed, sleep while walking, I don’t care where just SLEEP!!!

Stay Armed with Snacks

Bring snacks with you when you leave your dorm/apartment/house. This will help cut out unnecessary breaks that end up lasting 2+ hours. It’s best to eat foods that are considered “brain food" that boost your memory and nourish your brain

blackberry, bilberry, sweet, blueberry, pasture, berry
Jocelyn Hsu

Brain foods have high amounts of fats, nutrients, water, and a few carbs/glucose. Snack on things like nuts, apples, yogurt, or blueberries.

Drink Water

Almost equally important as sleep, STAY HYDRATED!!! Staying hydrated keeps your blood flowing, promotes brain activity, and stops you from face-planting onto your desk and waking up in a pile of drool. Try a reusable water bottle and refill it as frequently as possible.

Take Breaks

Don't ever think that taking a break is a sign of weakness or a lack of productivity. Letting your mind rest for just 15 minutes will prevent your brain from melting. Not actually, but still breaks are important for success. Take a walk, stretch, have a snack, etc. Give your mind a break and take a minute for yourself. However, DO NOT get too distracted or else you'll find yourself taking a break from your break.