Imagine yourself relaxing in a hot steamy room, sheltered from the cold wind outside. Originating from Finland, saunas are rooms that use dry heat to cleanse and relax the body. People always say that saunas are healthy for you, but they never list out the specific benefits.

Saunas are one way people can relieve stress, as the dry heat stimulates the release of endorphins. Less stress helps people get better sleep as a result. Everyone has some sort of stress in their lives. It can come from work, school, strained relationships — the list is endless.

Other than being a stress reliever, saunas can improve inner health. It relaxes muscles, so you can say goodbye to muscle and joint aches.

Getting your toxins flushed out through sweating is another bonus. Sweating can reduce levels of toxins such as tin and lead in your body. These effects can help your body look and feel younger!

People also go to saunas for beauty purposes. For example, the heat, which can go up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, causes deep sweating. The sweat rinses out bacteria and dead skin cells in your pores, keeping the skin in good condition.

There is also good news for people trying to lose weight but aren't motivated enough to go to the gym: saunas can help with weight loss. Sitting in a sauna improves blood circulation and increases the heart rate. 

Because there is a big change in temperature, your heart rate can increase up to 60%, which is similar to the experience of exercising. So, you can consider staying in a sauna as a form of "exercise."

With all this information, you now have every reason to try out a sauna, or to incorporate it into your weekly routine. Getting healthier just got a lot easier.