With finals right around the corner, it is that much more important to be taking care of your health, body and mind. The quarter system is demanding, and at UC Davis, there are no breaks (in fact, I can't quite remember what a break even is). Whether you need to take a siesta, relax your tense muscles, get some fresh air, find a healthy snack or get fresh produce on campus, there is a place for you. Here is a list of wellness resources at UC Davis to help you take care of yourself during the most stressful time of the quarter. 

1. Nap Map

During my first quarter at UC Davis, I was a bit bashful to take a nap in a loud and busy environment. Now, I'm pretty sure I can take a nap standing up, but you don't have to do that to catch up on some rest. Thanks to the Student Health and Wellness Center, you can find a napping space that suits your napping needs on the Nap Map. Here you'll find places on campus like the couches on the second floor of the Silo, and the locations on the map have student reviews with a brief description of the surroundings.

2. Massage Chairs 

The massage chairs located in the ARC and the MU are great to enjoy anytime during open hours. Relax with a massage before or after your exam to destress. Not sure where the chairs are located? Well, fortunately, there is a map for you. The Mental Health Map can help you locate resources on campus like massage chairs with the click of a button. You can find the hours of operation of the facilities with massage chairs and a description of where inside the ARC and MU the massage chairs are located (ARC study lounge and 2nd floor of the MU). 

3. Wellness Garden

Emma Centeno

Located right next to the Student Health and Wellness Center, the wellness garden serves as a place to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Take a walk through the garden, enjoy your lunch, sip your toasty hot chocolate, reflect on the quarter or ponder what you'll be eating for dinner. You can also find some fruit trees and edible plants in the garden and are free to pick them and enjoy them on your break. 

4. Student Pantry 

The Pantry is located in Lower Freeborn Hall and is a resource for all registered UC Davis students struggling with food insecurity. Being a student is difficult enough, and the burden of having to pay for three meals can be extremely difficult for many students on campus. The student pantry is trying to diminish this struggle students may be experiencing, and, with finals near, school is the main priority (right after wellness). The pantry runs on a point system and offers fresh produce and up to three products a day. On their website, you can find the hours, mission statement and additional services.

5. Fruit and Veggie Map 

This map is a great resource for students to locate places where they can find fresh produce and a healthy snack on campus as well as around the city of Davis. Also shown on the map is whether the location accepts EBT, which is useful for those wondering where they can use their EBT credit. This map will help you spend less time looking for fruits and veggies and more time engrossed in those textbooks. Fuel that beautiful brain of yours with some healthy fruits and veggies to prepare your mind and body for countless hours of studying.

Let's ace those finals and ease that pressure with these campus resources that your tuition is probably already paying for. Make the most of your college experience and enjoy those massage chairs. These resources are out there for you, and they make being a student a little better.