It's that unfortunate time of the semester again, finals week. With only a couple final assignments, papers, and exams between you and summer vacation, the struggle to push through is real.

Trying to balance a sufficient night sleep, studying for finals, and somehow fitting meals into your busy schedule is challenging, but here are some tips on how to keep yourself healthy during "hell week." 

1. Healthy Snacks

Bring healthy snacks to your favorite study spot. It is more cost effective and better for you to pack snacks from home. Things like carrots & hummus or an apple with peanut butter are foods that will help fuel your brain. Students during finals week often go for junk food or candy thats gives you instant energy, but that will lead to a sugar crash. Check out this article about what snacks have your back during finals week. 

2. Don't Neglect Exercise 

If you are someone who goes to the gym regularly, don't skip that just to cram for an exam. Taking a break for an hour or so to clear your head, go for a run, take a yoga class, or hit up the gym will be a good distraction from the stress of your studies. Exercise will help you focus and give you a boost of energy to continue on your study grind. 

3. Drink Water! 

This is pretty self explanatory, but staying hydrated is key! Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, leaving you unmotivated and distracted. 

4. Take a Break and Eat a Real Meal

Don't opt for fast food or not eating dinner at all just so you can have extra time in the library. Find a friend and go get a real meal, you can both take a much needed break. 

5. Make Sure You Get a Good Night Sleep

Plan your time out. Prioritizing and keeping organized will help you be more efficient. Make sure that you include a good night sleep in your plans, as research has shown that you need sleep in order for your brain to retain the information you have been studying. 

Good Luck & Happy Studying!