Nobody likes being teased or made fun of. Unfortunately for us smaller-framed ladies and men, it's a given every single time we're with friends and family. There seems to be a universal set of ridiculous questions to ask a petite person, but here are the most annoying ones that you probably might find familiar.

"Is that top you're wearing from the kids' section?"

For the umpteenth time, I know I'm small, but it doesn't mean I can't fit in adult clothing. Plus, do you really think this off-shoulder, low cut top is child appropriate? So unless I'm going for that baby tee look, I think I'm all good here at the adult section

"Do you eat less because of your size?"

Don't let my size fool you, because I eat more than you think. However, this is totally subjective and depends on the person (not the size). Until you can find me scientific proof, I strongly believe that my small frame isn't representative of my appetite.

"Can you get child prices at restaurants/amusement parks/etc?"

In this case, being petite does have its perks, but it's not fun when people start pressuring me about it ("you better act like a child"). I do get handed a kids' menu or charged a youth fare on the bus every now and then, but most of the time. I don't get away with it. 

"Can you reach that?"

It's not uncommon for others to joke about my difficulty to reach for objects on higher shelves. I've also had friends who would question my ability to drive ("Can you reach the car brakes?"). FYI, this is highly insulting, but for the sake of our friendship, I usually just shrug it off.

All in all, humans of all body types are beautiful in their own ways. Instead of teasing about each other's size and height, let's embrace the bodies God has given us and maybe stop asking these ignorant questions. Some finals words from a petite girl on behalf of all petite people: we're not small, we're fun-sized!