Project Runway just wrapped up its 16th season, not including its many spinoffs. The season began like any other, with designers at a party somewhere awaiting Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum to arrive to tell them about their first challenge. 

All of the designers were standing around when a massive bus came driving up. Out walked Heidi and Tim, but there was another surprise waiting. The season's models began walking out of the bus. And these weren't just any models. These were models sizes 2-22. 

Continuing Another Designer's Legacy

Two years ago, designer Ashley Nell Tipton created a plus size collection that walked down the New York Fashion Week Runway. A plus size woman herself, Tipton constantly said throughout her season that she wanted to create high fashion clothes for real women everywhere. 

The collection was a huge success, and she won season 14. It was an iconic moment in fashion, and it set a precedent for seasons to follow. 

Why It Matters

Project Runway has done some plus size challenges, to ensure that their designers can create garments for real world women. But this season, it was all about to change. 

Each week, designers were assigned a different model. Week after week, plus size models walked down that infamous runway, wearing clothes judged by Heidi, Zac Posen, and Nina Garcia. 

One of the models, Liris, continually gave some of the best model performances all season.

At the final judging, Liris was very emotional about her experience in walking during New York Fashion Week, and what it means to her plus size community. This was an iconic season, and even Heidi said this is going to change the industry.

That being said, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show still hasn't included a plus size model in their show. They got around 6.7 million viewers last year, and no plus size models were represented in the show. It's their turn to get with the times. 

Project Runway made history this season, and it's not over. It's a major show with a huge following, and there's no doubt that this has changed the industry's view on plus size models.