Carrying condoms around with you comes with a certain stigma. A stigma that might imply that you have sex a lot. Don't ever feel embarrassed or judged if you keep them on you because it is the safest thing to do. It's not that you're expecting to have sex, but you choose to be responsible if it happens. There is a responsibility to take care of yourself (and subsequently your partner), so here's why it's okay to carry condoms with you wherever you go. 

You don't need to feel ashamed

We don't always go out thinking that we're going to have sex or that we always need a condom present. Carrying one with you (regardless of gender) does not mean that you have the intention to always have sex. That's quite a bold statement to make.

Having one with you that means you're willing to take responsibility for anything that might happen. It can be a great sense of security to have them on you, even if nothing is planned. If you feel like pizza is better than sex, still keep those condoms around. 

Not everyone will want to carry them around because it might be embarrassing or "not your job"—but the reality is that in college, and in life, you don't typically plan when things happen. If one night you're out and things get heated, you'll be ready.

Each of us has a responsibility to be prepared

In all seriousness, being prepared means that you are not putting yourself at risk of STIs, STDs, or even pregnancy. It's more about being proactive for these scenarios rather than have possible consequences later. Protect yourself more than anything else and don't worry about how people will judge you. This little habit can save you in the long run, regardless of what you think now. (And if you're curious what can help or hurt your sex drive, give these foods a try).

Carrying condoms around is not a neon flashing light that says, "Have sex with me!" It is a responsible precaution that is not fully utilized by young adults because of the stigma around it.

We'll always hear those stories from those who didn't have one on them and wished they did. So stock up. You may never even open the condom, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.