As a person who is hungry pretty much all the time, I'm always looking for healthy snack bars that will fill me up. I went through phases where I'd eat tons of Luna bars, then I moved to Special K bars, and at one point I was really into Fiber One bars (would no recommend). With my intermediate knowledge of health food, I've come to the conclusion that Larabars are a pretty good snack bar option. They're made with dates, they don't have many ingredients, and they aren't insanely high in sugar. But they have some weird flavors. So, I set out on a journey to figure out which bars were worth ordering in bulk.

Let's start with the flavor I would not give to my worst enemy: Cashew cookie. 

It should be noted that I did not include any flavors that my local grocery store was not carrying. I also purposefully excluded any flavors that had coconut or coffee because I hate those flavors and would've automatically put them at the bottom of my list.

10. Cashew Cookie

I don't have my own picture of this one because I can't stand to look at it. I spit it out after my first bite. It was very dry and tasted mildly fishy. 

9. Blueberry Muffin

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Kathleen Stock

It didn't really taste like blueberry. Not overly dry, but not a great texture. I was starving though, so I ate the whole thing

8. Lemon Bar

Again, not great. This bar could pass for lemon-flavored, but it was a little sour. I would recommend the lemon Luna Bar instead.

7. Peanut Butter Cookie

This one tastes like one of those classic peanut butter cookies except without the sugar or chocolate kiss on top. Also, it looked like ear wax. But it's hard to get me to stop eating anything, so I ate the whole thing.

6. Key Lime Pie

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Kathleen Stock

The initial bite was gross, but then it tasted more key lime-y. However, it had an unpleasant aftertaste. Not horrible, but I can't imagine being in a mood where I'd want to eat it.

5. Cherry Pie

Prepare yourself because this one is pretty tart. If you enjoy tart flavors and you like cherry, this is for you. Pretty solid.

4. Chocolate Chip Brownie

coffee, chocolate, beer
Kathleen Stock

I don't hate this one, but I don't love it. It was actually the first Larabar flavor I ever tried. It tastes mildly like chocolate and mildly like a brownie, and it has dates so I feel healthy.

3. Banana Bread

YES. Yum. YES. Smells like banana bread, tastes like not overly sweetened banana bread batter (my mom makes banana bread and I often eat the batter). Could easily satisfy a banana bread craving.

2. Pecan Pie

coffee, beer
Kathleen Stock

Biting into this was such a pleasant surprise. It's reminiscent of baklava. The nuts stick in your teeth a little bit and it's perfectly sweet. Maybe normal people would see it as a dessert rather than a morning snack. However, I love sweets so I ate it at 10 am.

1. Apple Pie

beer, coffee, tea
Kathleen Stock

Incredible. It tastes just like the cooked apples you put into an apple pie. The only ingredients it has are dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon. Highly recommend. I'm about to order a bunch of these online.

All in all, Larabars are a great healthy snack bar option. They make me feel healthy, they fill me up, and I will definitely be buying the apple pie, pecan pie, and banana bread flavors again.