Ever feel like you’re not getting enough protein in the dining hall and instead end up eating endless carbs? Well I’ve been there, and tried stocking up on protein bars and shakes to supplement my diet. But, I’ve always found these protein supplements to be unsatisfactory and – to be honest, most of the time gross. All this changed when I tried Iconic Protein’s Drink.

What is Iconic Protein?

Be Well Nutrition, the maker of Iconic Protein, was founded to produce healthy, but delicious, protein beverages. Iconic is a dairy protein that comes from GMO- and hormone-free, grass-fed cows in New Zealand. It is a lactose-free whey (milk) protein drink (not a sugary, thick shake!). It contains 20 grams of protein and only 3 grams of sugar, and 130 calories per bottle. It is sweetened with fair trade organic blue agave, contains as much fiber as a cup of oatmeal, has as much potassium as a banana, and is loaded with B-12 to increase energy and curb fatigue. The drinks can be used for breakfast if you’re running late to class or as a midday snack. 

The Flavors:

Coming from a coffee addict, Café Au Lait is the tastiest flavor. It is made with natural ingredients including Colombian Coffee, which make it feel as though you’re drinking a real coffee drink, but one that is packed with protein. There are 180mg of caffeine per bottle in this flavor, so it’s perfect as a morning pick-me-up, but be careful not to drink it too late in the day or else you might be up all night (unless that’s what you want…). 

The vanilla bean flavor is also quite delicious and tastes as though you are having a vanilla ice cream milkshake that is not too thick. I could definitely taste the vanilla in each sip I took. 

The chocolate truffle is another good option. It tastes like your usual chocolate milk, but much healthier because there is very little sugar in it and it is chockfull of protein. It’s great for recovering after workouts or if you’re in the mood for something sweet. 

Where to get these drinks:

The easiest, and most comfortable way, to try these drinks is to order them online from your very own cozy bed. There are sample packs, variety packs, 12 pack cases, or individual bottles that you can purchase on their website or on Amazon. There are also in 2,000 locations across the nation, so you can check out where the closest one is here

Overall Review

Overall these drinks are delicious and rich in flavor. They are totally different from the usual protein shakes – thinner, tastier, and have a better texture. It makes for the perfect, healthy on the go option for college students. And, while most of us are not professional athletes and may believe that protein shakes are only for the super-humans among us, you should know that Iconic Protein drinks are delicious and healthy, even for the average-Joe