Football season is in full swing, and along with football games come tailgates with friends. “Pregaming,” or drinking and partying before social or sporting events, is a huge part of college drinking culture, but it can definitely be less fun for sober partygoers. Even though drinking your weight in beer through a funnel may be a good luck ritual for your team, sober tailgating can be a lot more fun than it sounds (especially if you're under 21 and don't want to risk getting in trouble). Sober tailgating is a great way to get together with friends and make some lasting memories. Here are a few tips on how to tailgate sober and still have fun.

Surround yourself with awesome people

Invite your sober friends or ones that you know won’t pressure you to drink. Sure, you may have to leave out one or two pals, but if they prefer to get wasted, then they'd probably have more fun hanging with a different crowd anyways. Take advantage of the opportunity to create some memories with that you’ll actually remember with some great friends.

Bring your own entertainment

Having some extra entertainment will keep your mind off drinking and will result in a good time for everyone. Bring along a life size Jenga, or pull out your favorite card game like UNO. 

Indulge in some good food

Everyone knows the best part about football season is all the delicious finger-food. Ask your friends to leave the alcohol at home and bring a dish instead. Hold a competition to see who can make the best pre-game brunch, make some bomb cheese dip, and show off your skills with recipes that will impress your friends and leave them wanting more. Also, be sure to bring plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated. 

Come up with a game plan

Before the day of the game, it’s important that you and your friends plan ahead. Tell your friends ahead of time that you plan to tailgate sober in order to reduce temptation and create a safe, fun environment for everyone. When game day comes, you'll have plenty in store than holding a red solo cup in each hand. 

College sports fans tend to binge drink more than students that are not sports fans, according to a study conducted at Harvard. But this isn't a competition, at least not one you want to win anyways. Binge drinking can result in serious health and behavioral consequences, so be sure to stay safe this football season and make smart decisions. When it comes to having a good time and making everlasting memories, as long as you're surrounded by good food and friends, there's no need to get wasted.