With all of the hate going on in the world, how are we supposed to remain calm and go about our day? Las Vegas was the tip of the iceberg, but that doesn't mean other horrific events aren't happening. We can not forget about Puerto Rico or problems with health care. What is going on in our world today is not something to be happy about. We have a right to be upset, but sitting around and doing nothing isn't the answer. We should grieve and we should pray, but we should also do something. Here are five ways to remain stable in what we call present-day chaos. 

1. Start Journaling

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Daniela Doncel

Write things down. I've said this before and I'll say it again, writing things down lifts a weight off your shoulders and keeps you stable. Express how you feel for your eyes only. 

2. Communicate With Your Family and Friends

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Julia Gilman

Take those thoughts you finally put into words and share them with your friends. Conversation is a good thing; we should be having conversations. Even if someone has different views, it's nice to have a civil conversation and try to see someone else's point of view. 

3. See a Therapist

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Betsy Kaplan

You should not be ashamed to go to therapy. A therapist's role is to guide you and help you stably express your emotions.

4. Go on walks

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Bhavya Bansal

Sometimes it's nice to get a breath of fresh air and zone out while listening to some good music. Living in the moment can keep us stable, and distracted from everything crazy going on in our lives. 


I cannot stress this enough: do something. We all feel worthless sometimes, but that's when we should really be doing something proactive. Contact governors, House of Representatives, Congress, etc. It is time to make a difference and we can be the generation to push authorities to do so.