Therapy. Oh, therapy. A sort of unspoken word. This needs to change. We all have something unfortunate going on in our lives. Yes, even Kendall Jenner is going through sh*t. Even the most repsected people on earth are going through something, you never know. You really never know. Therapy is extremely helpful. As someone who has been through therapy all of their life, I can honestly say that I reccomend it to anyone and everyone. Even if you are going through a period in your life where you feel amazing and at ease, it's always nice to just sit down for an hour and talk to someone. Is that not enough for you? Here're five reasons why you shouldn't be ashamed to go to therapy.

1. You're working on yourself

That is an awesome accomplishment! It's hard to focus on yourself, especially being a college student. The fact that you are taking an hour out of your busy week to recooperate is commendable. Kudos.

2. Everybody who is anybody is doing it

Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Sheryl Crowe, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, and many more celebrities are all big therapy enthusiasts. There is a stigma attached to therapy for absolutley no reason, even these amazing stars are going.

3. It's healthy

Some people see therapy as a sign of weakness, well let me tell you, they are so off. Therapy is a sign of strength. It proves that you are taking the necessary steps to get help and better your own well-being. 

4. You're getting a professional opinion

What could be better than having a conversation with someone who went to school for this sort of thing? Nothing. Getting a professional opinion can do no harm; only good things come from this.

5. It's an enjoyable experience

Once you find the right person and trust me this could take awhile, you will develop an irreplaceable and indescribable relationship. This person will be your right hand, your go to. My therapist knows me inside and out, and can even tell when I'm about to crack, which most of the time, I can't even tell.

Have I convinced you yet? I had myself at Kendall Jenner...