The New Year brings a lot of change and, in my family at least, a lot of cleaning! If you're like literally anybody else in the world, you have a fair amount of stuff that you no longer use. It's time to take that old tea-set or those old bowls and finally put them to good use! Here are 7 genius ways to repurpose your old junk.

Glass Jars Into Succulent Planters!

Turn your old glass jars into succulent planters! Just fill them with some pebbles you can get at the dollar store and a little succulent. Now, you have a cute decor piece to spruce up your room.

Old DVD/CDs Into Tile Plate!

Take old DVDs that no longer work, or old CDs nobody listens to (hello Spotify) and turn them into a pretty tile plate! It would be a great place to display perfume bottles.

Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors!

Take the old tennis rackets you have lying around and turn them into mirrors! You could even gift them to the tennis lover in your life.

Broken Picture Frame Into Earring Holder!

If you have a broken picture frame, save the base and use some wire to create an earring holder. Just run the wire across the frame and hang your earrings!

Turn a Broken Guitar Into a Shelf!

Perfect for the music lover, if you have a guitar that is damaged in some way, take the top off and add some shelves inside. Voila!!

Turn Old Wine Corks Into Coasters!

Finally, a use for all the old wine corks you have. Make cute coasters to put your next glass of wine on! Just glue together the old corks to create an artsy looking coaster.

Turn an Old Tea-set Into a Brush Holder!

Is your mom holding onto that really antique tea-set from her great-grandmother? Mine too. Take those delicate dishes and use them to hold makeup or paint brushes! 

I know I'm definitely going to give a few of these a try. Not only are these efficient, but they're fun, creative and unique! You can almost guarantee that nobody will have the exact same piece of decor as you do. They also make great DIY gift ideas if you're willing to part with your old junk. There are plenty of articles and ideas on Pinterest for even more ways to do this, so go crazy! It's better (and more environmentally-friendly) than tossing it all away.