Going to the gym can be such a drag, especially going by yourself. But when you go with your best friend it's not nearly as much of a drag. At least that's what I find to be the case when I go with my best friend, Jess. 

Some have said to me that going to the gym with a friend is a distraction and you don't get anything done. That may be true, but the majority of the time I find it a blast. 

For me, having a friend go to the gym with makes the atmosphere a little more comfortable to be in, boosts my confidence and encourages me to do better, most of the time. 

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Jessica Ciccarella

Jess and I met our freshman year at Quinnipiac and have been inseparable since. What's great about the two of us is we both have a love hate relationship with the gym and that's why we work well together. If one of us doesn't want to go the other will convince them to get off their lazy butt and go. Or sometimes we both don't go. Hey, it happens. 


When we go to the gym together we don't always spend every second with each other. Sometimes we do the same thing and other times we don't, it depends on the day and what we're feeling. But when we do happen to do the same thing whether it be cardio, lower or upper body it can get entertaining. 

When I say entertaining, I mean 100% of the time we break into dance or just lay on the ground because either A. we don't want to do anything or B. we physically can't move because we whooped our own butts...after five minutes. 

cake, pizza, tea, beer, coffee
Jessica Ciccarella

What's great about Quinnipiac is that they have multiple gym facilities. In these facilities there are dance studios with a sound system that are open for students to use. That's where you can find Jess and I working out.

Usually Jess is the one to plug in her phone- I'm ok with it because I get the majority of my music from her anyways- that way we can get a killer workout in while listening to quality tunes.

Half the time we get a workout in with just the random shenanigans we do like dancing or cartwheels- yes, we are those people- I mean if it gets you sweating, why not, right? The other half of the time we get down to business and actually do what we went there to do... no matter how painful it may be. 

cake, coffee, pizza, beer, tea
Jessica Ciccarella

There's a never a dull moment between the two of us and we both benefit from going to the gym with one another tremendously. Whether it be learning a new exercise, gaining more confidence in one self or laughing so hard you can feel those abs coming through, it always ends up being a successful gym trip.  

For those who are against going with a friend because it's a distraction and you don't get anything done I'm not disagreeing with you at all. There are times when we show up and one of us isn't feeling it and then leaves. Sometimes we both end up leaving and somehow end up at Ashley's ice cream #noragrets. 

Jessica Ciccarella

But honestly, it can get tricky when you go with someone like your best friend and they end up not wanting to go anymore. That's why should get into the habit of going to the gym by yourself and not have a friend to rely on to get your booty in the gym all the damn time.

Regardless of whether you have a best friend like jess or not, get yourself to the gym and make the most of it. If you're not the "gym" type take up some fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, spinning or pilates at your university/college or a nearby gym. Trust me, it'll be worth it and you may even make a new friend. 

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Jessica Ciccarella