Wake up early, brush your teeth, wash your face and start your day. My favorite days are Sundays, over the summer where I can start early and be productive. Summer is a great time to take advantage of relaxation and the beauty of the season. These are ways to have the perfect morning! 

1. Planner

First, I wake up and always make a to-do list. Without a list, I literally can’t get anything done. Making a color coded list in a cute planner is perfect for an ultra organized girl like me!

2. Workout

If I have the energy I will go to the gym and do the basics. I also recently discovered Sabino Canyon, which is the perfect easy hike and is filled with pretty waterfalls. It's not that rocky so it's good for beginners. If you are advanced, I recommend seven falls which are along the same trail as Sabino Canyon, for a more intense and longer hike. I would stay the whole day, splash in the water and bring a picnic lunch! 

3. Food

I always get hungry after working out so an after workout smoothie or acai bowl is perfect. I love going to Pure Love Juice or Smoothie Factory. Both are super close to campus and are decorated beautifully. Make sure to snap a pic of the acai bowl while you are at it.

4. Water

Drinking lots of water are so important for pretty skin and feeling healthy. When I have the time I love making essence water. My favorite is strawberry and mint. Making flavored water makes me drink way more. Nrich on campus sells pre-made essence waters in small and large sizes, perfect for an "on the go" morning. 

5. Getting beautified

During the week I always wear workout clothes like the typical college girl, however, on the weekend I love to get a little bit more dolled up when I have the time. During the week, I never give myself enough time because I like to sleep. Putting on a cuter outfit and some gloss and I am out the door for a perfect Sunday. 

I also love to sit outside and get fresh air, maybe even a tan. Go pick out your fave bathing suit or Sunday outfit and go! Follow these steps for a perfect day. I promise you won’t regret it one bit!