For many people, the sheer number of steps it takes to get to class is enough physical activity for the day. But your college experience will never be complete until you take advantage of all the fitness classes offers for super cheap, if not free, prices. Lucky for you, the options are endless. Here are the ones you simply have to try.

1. Barre

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Tara Shooshani

In this day and age, the ballet barre is for more than just ballerinas.Ā 

Your Fitness Pass (aka FITWELL) at Wooden grants you access to about half a dozen different weekly barre classes. My favorite, booty-kicking barre, is the most classic one, full of kicks, squats, and a whole lot of soreness to follow. Other barre classes include yoga barre flow, cardio dance & barre, and, the most counterintuitive one, barre without a barre.Ā 

2. Spin

Congratulations! For all your remaining days in college, you never have to spend $30 on a spin class again.Ā 

While the spin classes at Wooden don't offer as many amenities as SoulCycle, they are just as challenging, motivating, andĀ dimly-lit. Yes, almost all of them take place at 6:30 or 7:30 in the morning, but what's more rewarding than watching the sunrise behind Bruin Walk on your way to the gym, amiright? Ā 

3. Yoga

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Tara Shooshani

UCLA is a rigorous academic environment for everyone, but UCLA's many yoga options are a way for groups of stressed-out, hardworking people to come together, stretch, and take a breather (literally) from life.Ā 

My favorite is the Core Yoga Flow class in Wooden (Fitness Pass required), and the Flexible Fridays classes that take place all around campus and are 100% free. If you're looking to reach ultimate zen, you can buy a separate yoga pass to gain access to multiple yoga classes each day in Wooden.

#SpoonTip: If you really need to escape campus, there's an incredible hot yoga studio, CorePower Yoga, in the heart of Westwood village that offers one week of free yoga to new clients, and a discount to UCLA students.

4. Bootcamp/ConditioningĀ 

Yes, these words are scary, but bootcamp and conditioning classes are the best way to make up for all the vegan brownies you just ate at B-Plate.

There is a wide variety to choose from. My favorite by far is guts, butts, and thighs: the first time I took it, my entire body was sore for four days. If you're looking for something aimed at the full body, try H.I.I.T., total body sweat, tae bo, or pilates & conditioning.Ā 

5. ZumbaĀ 

The first time I used my Fitness Pass to attend Zumba, everyone in the class was experienced and knew all the choreography, while I jumped around in the back trying to figure out whether I had to spin-clap-stomp or clap-stomp-spin.

Thankfully, the upbeat music and carefree environment of the class made up for the fact that I have no dancing capability. The moral of the story is, it's ok if you make a fool of yourself because Zumba allows you to get your cardio in and let loose for a solid hour without any judgement or pressure.Ā 

6. Swimming

Behold, the only option that provides both a workout and a killer tan!

You can use your Fitness Pass to take the Wet Workout class on Fridays, or grab your friends and hit the Sunset Rec. pool together. Swim some laps, race each other, and don't forget to play a classic game of Marco Polo.Ā 

Throw on your favorite leggings and drag your friends to a randomā€”yet undoubtably amazingā€”fitness class.Ā With all the fitness options UCLA has to offer, you never have to feel guilty about overeating at the dining halls again.