This time of year, it seems like spring is so close yet so far. If you’re a runner like me, you spend the snowy months waiting for spring running weather. But sometimes in the midst of the cold, the treadmill is the next best alternative. These essential treadmill workouts and post-run snacks will keep you occupied until the spring sunshine.


Here are some basic pacing benchmarks to help gauge your running speed:

Base pace: Slightly uncomfortable tempo, you’d be able to maintain for 20-30 minutes, not easy but not too strenuous

Push pace: Faster, more uncomfortable than base pace, would be able to maintain for 10-15 min

Max pace: All out effort, sprinting as fast as you can

Speed workout

0:01-5:00 warmup

5:01-10:00 base pace

10:01-13:00 push pace

13:01-15:00 max pace

15:01-18:00 push pace

18:01-20:00 base pace

20:01-30:00 repeat 10:01-20:00

30:01-35:00 max pace

35:01-40:00 cool down

Super speedy snack: Nuts N' More peanut butter

Shelby Yuan

A speedy workout deserves an equally speedy, tasty snack. Spread a dollop of this high-protein, dessert-like peanut butter on fruit, a waffle, or just a spoonful for a quick, refueling snack.

Hills workout

0:01-5:00 warmup

5:01-10:00 base pace

10:01-13:00 push pace + 2% incline

13:01-15:00 base pace

15:01-18:00 push pace + 4% incline

18:01-20:00 base pace

20:01-23:00 push pace + 6% incline

23:01-25:00 base pace

25:01-28:00 max pace + 4% incline

28:01-30:00 base pace

30:01-33:00 max pace + 2% incline

33:01-35:00 base pace

35:01-40:00 cool down

Incredible incline eats: Smoothie bowl

After some serious hills, nothing cools you down more than a refreshing smoothie. Follow the golden rule of smoothies with these components:

-Frozen fruits + veggies

-Liquid base (milk, juice, coconut water)

-Thickener (nut butter, chia seeds, oats)

-Flavor boost (dates, cinnamon, vanilla)

-Nutrition boost (protein powder, flax seeds)

-Toppings (granola, fruit)

Endurance workout

0:01-5:00 warmup

5:01-20:00 push pace 

20:01-25:00 base pace

25:01-40:00 push pace + 2% incline

40:01-45:00 base pace

45:01-60:00 push pace + 2% incline

60:01-65:00 cool down

Long-run nutrition: Pancakes

Shelby Yuan

There's never a better time for pancakes than after a long run. Try some nourishing, easy, banana oat pancakes that can be modified for any add-ins. This base is the perfect canvas for pancake creativity: 1 banana, 1 egg, and 1 /2 cup blended oats. Then add in any flavorings, fruits, chocolate chips, nuts, and all those photogenic toppings.

Don't wait for the weather to clear up to start your spring running! Hop on the treadmill with one of these workouts and post-run snacks, and you'll be running like a pro in no time.