If you're like me and basically consider peanut butter its own food group, you'll relate to my quest to fit it into every meal, snack, and dessert. But as a nut butter fanatic who cares about nutritious and natural ingredients, I've faced several dilemmas in my search for the perfect healthy peanut butter. That's where Nuts 'N More came in.

About Nuts 'N More

One of Shark Tank's most delicious success stories, Nuts 'N More specializes in healthy, natural, high protein nut butters that come in amazing creative flavors. Some customer favorites include Birthday Cake, Salted Caramel, and Cookie Butter (they've got every sweet treat covered). Now you might be wondering how good this actually tastes. Fitness fanatics are all too familiar with the chalky taste of protein powder, or the grainy mouthfeel of some healthy spreads. But no-- none of that here. Nuts 'N More products are gluten-free, non-GMO, and all natural, while managing to pack in tons of protein and Omega-3's. Oh and did we mention the ridiculously smooth texture and indulgent dessert flavors?

Birthday Cake

Yep, that's right. High protein Birthday Cake peanut butter. The magic starts before you even taste it. Just opening the lid, the nostalgic scent of cake battery goodness wafts out of the colorful jar, immediately evoking memories of licking the whisk from Funfetti cake batter. The creamy, vanilla-caky peanut butter is dotted with adorable sprinkles, giving the smooth texture a delightfully surprising crunch. The jar says it contains 14 servings. . . good luck with that.

Chocolate Maple Pretzel

Shelby Yuan

Chocolate + maple fall flavors + salty crunchy pretzels essentially makes this peanut butter a complete meal. The smooth, chocolatey maple taste is just the right balance of autumn flavors, and the crunchy pretzel bits give it the extra level of addictiveness. A spoonful (or four) of this after a morning run is the recipe for an unbeatable day.

Hazelnut Spread

Watch out, Nutella. This magical protein-packed concoction of hazelnuts and cocoa is everything a nut butter should be. It's rich, chocolatey, and packed with macronutrients, while boasting an ingredients list of only a handful of all-natural components. Smother this on bananas, toast, ice cream, oatmeal-- it's hard to think of something that won't be improved by this nutty goodness.

After trying these amazing flavors, I don't think I'll ever look at normal peanut butter the same way. Never before have I felt so strongly that eating peanut butter by the spoonful can be a healthy choice. Nuts 'N More also produces seasonal flavors (pumpkin spice!?), protein powder, and truffle snack bites. So go nuts and try it for yourself.