Last month was a big time for humans, we not only discovered seven planets, but we also coined a term used to describe yet another one of our awful dating habits. Go us! To explain the word now known as Breadcrumbing, it is pretty much the all too selfless act of flirting or leading someone, who you know is into you, on without any intent to actually date them or let them know that you don't want to be with them anytime soon. AKA throwing breadcrumbs to leave a trail that will lead to nowhere.

Why does this happen?

Pretty much what Nick said.

It is also not ghosting. It is a bit like ghosting but on steroids; these so-called breadcrumbers will keep you around solely as an option. Chances are you will never get the commitment you're looking for but they will give off the illusion of wanting the same thing as you. Also, to be clear, they are fully aware of their intentions or lack thereof and will still talk to you. Cosmo got it so right when they described it as a "savage af" move.

Don't be a Breadcrumber.

But let's be real with ourselves, we've all been on both sides of this breadcrumbing offense. We get to know someone for a little, realize we're kinda into them but not as much as they are, figure they might be cool BUT, we'd like to keep our options open in case something better comes so we give them just enough attention to keep them around. Boom, you're a breadcrumber. 

To dive further into this new wondrous word, the internet has provided us with great insight.   on how to spot the signs of a breadcrumb offender  avoid falling victim to it (s/o to the "expert" advice)