Amy Schumer knows how to joke about herself. When Internet trolls slam her with body shaming comments, she fires right back, totally confident in herself. Amy appeared on Ellen this week and briefly talked about a recent paparazzi photo of her in a bathing suit next to Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Of course, trolls raced to comment on her looks — yet Amy joked about it in a way we should all take note on.  

Amy is shooting a movie with Goldie Hawn — one of her idols. She told Ellen that while on set, Goldie and Kate invited her to swim with dolphins. Of course, Amy was like hell yeah. Who wouldn't be?

Paparazzi found out and took photos of them on the boat. So Amy light-heartedly commented on the photos when she appeared on Ellen.

"High up on the list was to be photographed in a bathing suit next to Kate Hudson," Amy jokes with Ellen. "That was really cool, and Goldie also looks fab. She's 70!" 

She goes on to say how she's the awkward friend nobody wants around. So not true, Amy — but I can relate to that. It's not easy to be comfortable in a bathing suit while you're next to Kate Hudson and all her abs. Like, come on...

Yet Amy handled it perfectly by joking about it. She goes on to make fun of herself in one of the photos by saying, "That's me. That's not like a guy in the front of the boat." The audience, of course, laughed with her.

Photo courtesy of elllentube

Amy also opened up about body shaming and the criticism she's been receiving as she's rumored to be the star of the live action Barbie movie. 

"What's cool is, from being in the public eye for this long, is people— first of all, you build up a thicker skin from it and then you're like wait a minute, no. I look in the mirror and I know who I am and I feel beautiful, and I feed strong and sexy. And it doesn't matter," Amy discusses on Ellen.

Amy knows who she is and what she stands for. She won't let Internet trolls dictate how she feels. I think we can all learn something from Amy — know who you are and rock it. You're stronger than you think. Even stronger than Kate Hudson's abs.