Dear bralettes,

It’s a little strange how obsessed I am with your lacy, barely-there qualities. Despite the fluffy adjectives--flirtatious--whimsical--dainty--layered on you, you truly are a staple of clothing I couldn’t live without. Multi-functional and cute, you flatter every body type and elevate my self-esteem every time your lace hugs my chest.

Originally, I didn't like you because I associated bralettes with overpriced merchandise at Victoria’s Secret. However, after wearing your bright colors and lounging in your comfort, I realize how mistaken I was.

I thought LBDs were the queen of clothing versatility, but bralettes have snagged that title with style and flirtation. Peeping out of a tank top? Cute. Fashioned as a crop top with high wasted shorts? Too adorable. You can be styled in endless ways; you’re like the white Converse of wearable lingerie.

You can fit in both at a Coachella rager and underneath a power blazer at the office—and I plan to be that eclectic girl one day.  I love sneaking you under a strappy tank top or a flowy shirt while I’m baton twirling.

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Mackenzie Patel

And I did I mention the casual look of a bralette under a zip-up jacket? As a lazy girl with a disdain for tight shirts, that effortless look has made early mornings much easier. Besides versatility under clothes, the numerous bralette styles - bikini, sporty, racerback - and colors guarantee that any outfit can handle you underneath.

Bralettes: you are more comfortable than falling asleep on a mountain of warm laundry. Seriously, there are no wires or pesky tags to detract from your fitted, yet comfortable, embrace. You’re the cage-free bra that feels better than any underwire.

I can fall asleep after a night about the town without redness or indentations under my breasts. I can take a nap without clawing at my chest or trying to get comfortable the entire time. I can slip you on without going to war on back or front clasps. Also, assuming I don’t get extra sweaty, you can last without washing for a few weeks.

You make me feel feminine and put together, whereas I am really a scrambled egg of indecision, disorganization, and insecurities. Your only downside is that most of you should be hand washed, but I don’t mind cleaning because you deserve it.

Bralettes are made even better by being inexpensive but sexy. Traditional lingerie is way overrated - a flimsy piece of cloth at Victoria’s Secret costs $50+ nowadays. Although bralettes can be pricy as well, you are becoming more affordable at places such as Target, Aeropostale, and Primark. The bralettes I have were on sale at Victoria’s Secret for $12 and are high quality.

Bralettes, you serve the sexy function when needed, so thank you for saving me a few dimes when the end goal is the same as a chemise or garter. Boys aside, you make me feel pretty and like I’ve got a sweet treat under my clothes--feeling sexy for yourself is just as important, if not more, as feeling sexy for others.

Cheeky as a British pop star and softer than Haribos, bralettes are a trend that hopefully won’t die out soon. Thank you for making me feel feminine, badass, and free all at once. The prospect of buying real bras seems so painful now.

Never Underwire,