Sometimes things go exactly how we want them to, or how we imagined they would turn out. Most of the time though, something is bound to go wrong. The perfect plan we had, the test score we needed, the expected result, goes off the path. After being upset, there comes a time when we all need to muster up the little strength to move on. Dust off your pants, wipe your smeared makeup, and get back to living your life. It's time to end the pity party and bring back the good vibes.

Easier said than done, forcing yourself to move on can be one of the best ways to bounce back. I get it, things are terribly wrong, nothing is going your way and you're so beyond stressed. But someone, somewhere has it way worse than you do. And on top of that, they are dealing with it. The truth is we like to play weak and gain pity but that is never how we end up on top.

Honey, it's time to get up off the ground and dust yourself off. Throw those tissues away and please, make your bed. Put on your favorite outfit that makes you feel like a queen and focus a little extra on self care today. Pour yourself some coffee or tea, listen to some happy music, and let yourself shine. You hit a little rough patch but even that can't stop the force you bring. You are strong. You are stronger than you or anyone thinks. You can shine so bright if you only allow yourself to. You are incredible, fierce, and grounded. You are beautiful. So do yourself a favor, and see it that way.