Who doesn’t love a nice kombucha? These effervescent drinks that tickle your tongue are the perfect beverage to make you feel bougie and indulgent, yet healthy, all at once. However, it can be easy to find a favorite flavor, and stick to it (I know, I’m guilty of it). But with all of the flavors GT has to offer (over 40!), you have no excuse to not venture out of your taste buds’ comfort zone every now and then. Also, one flavor is not always perfect for every situation and mood, which is why, with this 7-day guide to kombucha, you can drink your day. 

Monday: Multi-Green

Let’s start this week off right. Today is the day you must prime your body for a week of who knows what, and the best way to do that is by providing it with a punch of nutrients. Each bottle is full of Klamath Mountain blue-green algae, spirulina, and chlorella. These green god superfoods are potent sources of protein, iron, and antioxidants. They also contain agents that help to detox your system and helps protect against diseases such as cancer. The list of health benefits goes on and on, but the point is that Monday and Multi-green go hand-in-hand.

Tuesday: Gingerade

The work week is now in full force. You are still kind of recovering from the weekend, but you are also loosing up on your desire to full of detox. Ginger has more zing than just its taste. This fragrant root revs up your metabolism, healthily balances blood sugar levels, and eases nausea/ stomach pain. It can also support memory functions which is certainly helpful when you are trying to remember all of the items on your midweek to-do list. 

Wednesday: Raspberry Chia

Ah, it is finally half-way through the week. You are still on the grind but you deserve a little treat for all of the hard work you have done (or haven’t done) so far. This flavor is fun yet sophisticated, which is exactly how you should feel on Wednesday as you start to transition towards the weekend. Raspberries are full of antioxidants that help keep your immune system up and running, which is ever so important when you are beginning to get worn down from your hectic week. Meanwhile, chia seeds, which are full of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, cleanse your body and provide your brain with some serious power to make that final push on your work.

Thursday: Mystic Mango

What could be better on a Thursday than a sip of liquid sunshine? Mango is the perfect flavor to ring the weekend in. This tropical fruit is loaded with vitamin C which is a bodyguard for your health and vitality. You don’t need to get sick this weekend, you have big plans. 

Friday: Lavender Love

It’s finally Friday! Honestly, congratulations, it’s not always easy getting here. You deserve some R&R. This fragrant flavor will help you channel your inner spa vibes and send your mind on a little mental vacation. This stress-reducing substance will help you clear the gunk that has been building up in your brain all week and let you finally enjoy your weekend!

Saturday: Passionberry Bliss

Saturday is your day. You are free and ready to make the most of it. Why wouldn’t you want to treat yourself with this fruity and flirty flavor? Passion + berries, what a combo! Even better, it is full of antioxidants that will help keep you going long into the night. Whether you are going out or staying in, fun needs fuel, and passionberry bliss is a perfect choice. 

Sunday: Tantric Turmeric

Alright wild thing, it is time to take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the approaching week ahead. You have had your fun, and it is still Sunday Funday, but you may be in need of recovery. Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory component that can help you debloat from a weekend of indulgence. It also is amazing for revitalizing your skin to leave it glowy, which will hopefully provide some glimpse of light on an impending manic Monday.  

This new drink can be pretty confusing, but these flavors are perfect for your Monday blues and your Wednesday energy needs.  Whatever the flavor, kombucha will always revitalize you and get you in the right mindset to start your day. Happy drinking!