Make exercise a part of your lifestyle, not just a one day thing. If you're having a hard time staying motivated at the gym, or simply enjoy working out and want to try something new, give one of these workout classes a try! They make for a full body workout that is fun, motivating and something to look forward to. 

1. Barry's Bootcamp

Time to get the adrenaline pumping at Barry's. Barry's workouts consist of a combination of strength training and running/sprints on a treadmill. Chose the day you want to go depending if you're looking to focus on legs, arms and abs, or full body. The energetic instructor and the encouraging environment will make sure you are always motivated to get into your best shape (physically and mentally). Don't forget to grab a smoothie at their Fuel Bar when you're done!

2. SoulCycle

Get your day's cardio fix by going to a SoulCycle class. SoulCyle is like spinning, but better. It's an indoor cycle class (45 minutes) that is designed to work not only as a high-intensity cardio workout, but a way to build your muscles. The exercise combined with the up-beat music will keep you entertained, making the class feel like a hobby, rather than the exercise you've been dreading. 

3. Pure Barre

Try barre - a relatively new workout class. Barre exercises consist of a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet routines. Although this may not sound like a strong workout— it is. Barre will help you increase your flexibility, as well as tone muscle and flatten abs. Plus, having an instructor to guide you will keep you motivated and on track. You can take barre classes on your own, or as a complement to another training routine, like running. 

4. Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheroy gives you a full body workout in an hour. Based on your heart rate, the workout consists of interval training combining both cardio and strength routines. Plus, being with a group and an instructor will ensure that you are on track and stay motivated. Bonus— you don't just burn calories during the workout, but up to 36 hours later, too

5. ((305)) Fitness

It's not just a dance class, it's a workout. This fun and active dance class will make you look forward to your next workout. Look by looking at the lights you can sense the incredible vibe. No dancing experienced required, so you have no excuse— it's time to get moving! 

These classes are made to keep you motivated and get you into your best shape (physically and mentally). Grab a friend and let's go!

#Spoontip: All these classes have a Boston location, but if you are traveling, check their locations around the country. Many memberships carry over into various states.