Okay. You might think that coloring is just for little kids, but what if I told you that adult coloring books are even better? A few months ago, my therapist gave me an adult coloring book to work on when I am anxious or depressed and honestly it has helped me so much. Not only is coloring a healthy distraction for when times are tough, but it is fun and really lets your creative juices flow. If you need some convincing, here are some reasons you should pick yourself up a coloring book.

1. Coloring is relaxing and can help to clear your mind

Adult coloring books are filled with hundreds of images that are extremely precise in their details. This calls for intricate attention to detail which can help to distract you from whatever is on your mind and bring you into the present moment. In my experience, coloring is a way of mindfulness because I have to be actively involved in what I am doing and what colors to use in order to create the perfect picture. 

2. There are tons of interesting designs to choose from

Adult coloring books come in hundreds of different versions and you are bound to find one that suits you. There are coloring books ranging from scenic nature and cute animals to Disney characters and swear words. My favorite coloring is called "Swear and Relax" and it is full of swear words you can color for when you want to release some bottled up frustration: trust me, it really makes you feel better. 

3. It can help you sleep better

There has not been a lot of research done on the correlations between coloring and sleep, but from personal experience, I can attest to the fact that if you color right before bed you will fall asleep quicker than usual. I have terrible insomnia and I find that coloring in an adult coloring book requires a lot of meticulous thought and precision which makes me extremely tired and relaxed allowing me to fall into a perfect sleep. 

4. Coloring can bring out your creative side

One of the main reasons I started coloring besides for stress relief was because I love different colors and making up combinations which I think look good together. When you color, you can mix and match any variation of colors which you like and in turn, create a picture that you will love. I suggest using Ooly's "Seriously Fine" felt tip markers because they are extremely precise and come in 36 different colors which is great for making a colorful picture.

5. You can color with your friends and decorate your dorm room

My roommate and I were stressed out one day during finals week and we thought that there was no other way to destress at 10pm besides to color in a swear word. We both got our markers, sat on the floor in our dorm room, and just colored while we jammed out to music. Not only were we having a blast coloring together, but we were able to hang up the pictures on our wall to add to the decor of our room. 

Now stop reading this article and go buy yourself an adult coloring book!