I am 20 years old and I use coloring books. Adult coloring books have helped me to practice mindfulness, relax, and help pay attention in class.

Are coloring books really something only kids use? NOPE. Companies and local artists are coming out with coloring books specifically made for adults. No, not pornographic, but more advanced than children's coloring books. Think more intricate pictures. Adult coloring books have been proven to be a good way to practice mindfulness, a de-stressing activity, and a way to find your zen.

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What is mindfulness you may ask? Mindfulness is essentially the state of being aware of your thoughts, those around you, where you are at the time, etc. 

Benefits of Coloring Books

Sara Stuchiner

Many people experience a feeling called "flow" while coloring. Flow is a mental state in which a person participating in an activity feels fully immersed in the activity. Coloring helps to switch off our brains and just focus on what is in front of us, which is really helpful in reducing anxiety, experiencing flow, and staying mindful.

Getting Started

You may be wondering "how do I even get started?" Here are a multitude of adult coloring books in bookstores, craft stores, and online. Also, you can print out coloring pages at home. 

Now, for coloring tools: some say colored pencils are your best bet; however, I tend to lean towards colored pens (these are my favorite). Once you're done coloring, you can either leave your masterpiece in your book or you can rip it out and put it on display. Your coloring projects make great wall art, and it's customized by you.

So, grab some pens, pencils, crayons, markers, or whatever coloring tool you prefer and start mindful coloring!