If you have ever experienced stomach pain or indigestion problems and are sick of taking over-the-counter medications, here are some of the best natural pain relief tips and tricks. Say goodbye to pesky stomach troubles, and give a few of these a try. 


While this might come as a surprise, peppermint actually has a calming effect on the body. Real peppermint, peppermint oil, and even peppermint gum can help settle your stomach. I use peppermint oil a lot in baking, but you can also put a drop or two in your water bottle to constantly sip some relief throughout the day. Or, suck on mints or chew peppermint gum after you start noticing symptoms of stomach pain after your next meal. 

Lemon and Honey Water

lemonade, water, lemon
Caroline Grew

This concoction is often used to soothe colds, but it actually also soothes your stomach. The tart citrus of the lemon paired with the sweetness of honey and warm water helps reduce nausea. Even smelling a lemon can help with morning sickness for pregnant women, explaining it's calming effect on everyone's stomachs.  

Ginger, but Really Bubbles

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Maddy McGunagle

Ever wonder why your parents gave you ginger ale when you had a stomach virus? Both ginger and bubbles help your stomach feel better. Ginger serves a similar purpose as lemons, but some ginger ales don't even contain real ginger. It's really the bubbles that help your stomach, relieve excess gas, and alleviate pain. Even seltzer or other bubbly sodas can help your stomach feel better.


While this might not be everyone's favorite flavor, real licorice can help with abdominal pain. The candy is probably not the best way of ingesting real licorice, so look for it at the store in herbal forms or in teas. Real licorice can help with calming and abdominal relief.  


Caroline Ingalls

This one may be familiar to juice cleanse fans. Charcoal actually helps relieve bloating and gas in the body if ingested properly. Charcoal juices can be purchased at your local grocery store, or they sell charcoal pills that you can take as well. 

Hopefully, by trying some of these natural pain relievers, your stomach will feel better than it ever did with over-the-counter medicinal cures. Keep in mind that, although these worked for me, your results may vary with these products. Please check with your doctor before trying these if you have chronic stomach issues or other health concerns.