Summer is full of heat, chlorine, and sunscreen making personal hygiene even more important in our day to day lives. From the excessive heat in the southwest to rainy days on the east coast, looking fresh and clean is easier by using these top Lush products. Lush maybe be well known for their amazingly scented and colorful bath bombs, but they have some products that will help you looking and feeling like you're at your prime during the dog days of summer. Here are five must have Lush products for the summer.

1. Whoosh- Shower Jelly

After a hot day in the sun or being covered in chlorine from the pool, a shower is an essential thing. Not only is this shower jelly citrus scented, it is also fun to play with. The featured ingredient is fresh grapefruit juice which is not only good-smelling but also helps troubled skin. This is not your average shower gel.

2. Seanik- Shampoo Bar

This product is great whether you're at home or traveling for your summer vacation because of how portable it is. This 1.9 oz bar is equipped to withstand many showers while also being made with Irish moss and Nori seaweed gel. The seaweed gel helps soften hair while the Nori seaweed is protein packed and helps care for your scalp.

3. Big- Solid Conditioner

Help tame that mane by following that shampoo bar up with a solid conditioner. Lush directs that the 1.7 oz bar be used after shampooing your hair and to massage thoroughly, following up with rising your hair. The featured ingredient is extra virgin coconut oil which is meant to hydrate hair. Not only will your hair be even more hydrated, it will also have volume and shine. 

4. Ocean Salt- Face and Body Scrub

Feeling gross from being outside? Use this face and body scrub to help you feel refreshed, exfoliated, and hydrated. One of the ingredients that can be found within the scrub is fine sea salt, which helps to exfoliate or shed the dead skin cells from your skin. Combine the sea salt with coconut oil and avocado butter and your skin will be thankful for the softness.

5. Breath of Fresh Air- Toner

The summer elements can cause your skin to be stressed but luckily Lush has a product to soothe the stressed-out skin. This toner has the featured product of organic aloe, which can help cool skin that has been irritated by the sun. You can either keep it in your bag and use it whenever or keep it in your fridge and get a cooling spritz after a hot day outside.

So, what are you waiting for? Go purchase these Lush products at your local shop to stay "cool" for the summer.