With summer comes vacation. With vacation comes delicious food. But the delicious food that accompanies vacation doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Follow these tips to stay on track during vacation.

1. Eat Like a Local


Photo by Amanda Gajdosik

Try to avoid the touristy restaurants. Look out for where the locals are eating or a Farmers Market for some inexpensive, fresh food.

2. Minimize Dining Out


Photo by Savannah Carter

To experience the local food, you don’t have to eat out three times a day. If your hotel has a refrigerator, take advantage of it. Make breakfast in your hotel room, pack a picnic lunch for mid-day and eat dinner out.

3. Drink in Moderation


Photo by Jess Hayes

Alcohol can be full of empty calories, so drink consciously. Plus, avoiding a hangover makes you more likely to exercise the next morning.

4. Pack Healthy Snacks


Photo by Alex Tom

It may be tempting to have those free snacks at your hotel, but they can be full of calories and unhealthy fats. Instead, bring some of your healthy favorites from home, or find a grocery store and stock up.

5. Drink Water


Photo by Justin Shannin

If there weren’t already enough reasons to drink water, staying hydrated can prevent jet lag. It can also give you more energy. Just make sure the tap water at your vacation destination is safe to drink. Otherwise, stick to bottled water.


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