I was recently looking around Sephora and came across a section of face masks and I was immediately intrigued. I have never really thought about using a face mask before, but I thought that they could be a beneficial way to hydrate my skin and relax. There were several different kinds of face masks that each had a different benefit and that made me interested in researching the benefits of using face masks. 

1. Helps To Clear Pores

Pores are all over our skin and tend to get clogged with dead skin cells or oily substances which over time can cause acne. Face masks work to extract these substances from your skin ultimately making your pores less visible and giving your skin a new finish. 

2. Hydrates Skin

Having dry skin is something that many people can relate to, but face masks can help to give your skin the extra hydration that it is missing. The water in the face mask is able to permeate through the skin making it softer and well moisturized. This could over time give the skin a more youthful and replenished look which we could all use. 

3. Tightens Skin

There are specific kinds of face masks that work to tighten loose skin which can overall enhance the appearance of your face. These masks work by enhancing collagen production which will help your skin to become both tight and firm. 

4. Promotes Relaxation

As everything in our lives become more chaotic, we tend to forget to plan time to take care of yourself and de-stress. Face masks provide at least 15 minutes where you can be at one with yourself and relax while your face mask is working. I like to listen to music while I have my face mask on which makes the experience more enjoyable. 

5. Even Skin Tone

Face masks have the ability to decrease hyper pigmentation and give one the appearance of a more even skin tone. If you have redness, a face mask could work to diminish the redness and provide a more even tone over the face. 

Make sure when using a face mask that you read the directions about application and the time that it should remain on your face because over exposure could lead to even dryer skin and in some cases a painful finish when it comes to removing it.

Skin care is important and tends to be forgotten by many, but using a face mask is a simple and easy way to take care of your face. Face masks range in price, but if you are in college and are low on funds, the Sephora brand face masks are great and are relatively cheap being priced around $6.

If you want to try a more upscale face mask, Glam Glow has different kinds ranging from moisturizing and firming that you have probably seen all over social media, but they do come at a higher cost ranging from $25-70 depending on the size and type. 

Now stop reading this and go buy yourself a face mask!