I'm going to be honest, I was never really into skin care until recently. I have always washed my face morning and night, but I thought I had hit a wall and my skin was never going to get better or worse and I sure never used masks. I watch beauty gurus on YouTube all the time and their skin care routines, but I never cared enough to try because it seemed like a 20-step process that I didn't feel like completing every night before bed.

Now, while my skin isn't horrible, I'm not completely happy with it. I wear makeup quite frequently and I touch my face a lot—please don't do this, it creates more breakouts—and I stress. I decided that during the cold New England winters I wanted to improve the aspects of my skin that bothered me. I have large pores, I'm combination (oily and dry patches) and I have more blackheads than anything else.  

I took to the internet, the Sephora website, and my dermatologist to get some help for my struggling skin. The key takeaways I have from all of my research and trials are these: sleeping with a beauty oil on in place of a moisturizer at night really makes my skin super soft after I wash with a good cleanser, and sheet masks do make my skin feel tighter and brighter. While everyone's skin is different, these are some masks that have made my skin happy. If you'd like to try these masks, they're all available at Sephora and are reasonably priced.

1. Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask

I loved this mask. It says that it is specifically formulated for oily skin and large pores or blemishes, so sign a girl up. I kept the mask on for the full 20 minutes and afterwards my pores did look smaller around my problem areas around my nose and chin. My skin felt smoother and tighter and lifted after using this mask too. 10/10 would recommend for those with oily skin problems.

Cost: $7.50 at Sephora

2. Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask Hydration

This mask is tailored to my dry or combination skin people. It contains coconut water and egg extracts to promote hydration in the skin. I love how great this mask makes my skin feel in the winter months. It is paraben and sulfate-free, which is awesome. I personally love to wear masks while I watch TV—"Parks and Rec" or "The Office" are my favorites—or while I write.  It's a really fun way to relax, especially when the weather gets chilly outside.

Cost: $6.00 at Sephora

3. Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask

Like I said, I have larger pores and a serious blackhead issue, which gets annoying sometimes. If you do too, then you'll be drawn to a mask like this one. It targets clogged pores with the bamboo charcoal elements and it says that it's geared towards minimizing pores and cleansing the skin. When I wear this mask I will admit that my skin feels lifted and cleaner than before I started. It's also made of a gel material and that's just pretty fun.

Cost: $8.00 at Sephora

4. Sephora Collection Face Mask - Algae 

If you're looking for a little more brightening and over all radiance added to your skin, I suggest this mask. Brown algae extract is infused because it's a natural antioxidant and who doesn't like that? Sometimes I notice my skin feeling really dull in the winter especially. My lips are chapped, my t-zone is oily and the other half of my skin is dry and flaky. It's a mess. So brightening and vibrancy makes me feel more put together this winter. 

Cost: $6.00 at Sephora

I hope these masks make your skin as happy as they did mine. One more tip, here's one of my favorite beauty oils. While it's pricey, I noticed a change in my skin overnight (literally). I alternate my beauty oils, but the steps are simple.

I wash my face with cleanser and then apply two or three drops and rub onto my face and neck. I thought sleeping with an oily face would be disgusting, but I am so happy I tried this. The oil sinks into the skin by morning and you're good to go. I learned that the oil was actually just what my skin needed. It provided the moisture my skin wasn't giving properly, therefore I was making more unwanted oil to compensate. I hope you like these masks and tips, enjoy!