Finals week is a week I absolutely dread and with it just around the corner, stress is at an all time high. I always find myself saving all of the assignments I had all semester to do and studying for an exam for the night before. The stress builds up so much I eat everything in site, get angry over every little thing, and get zero hours of sleep. After seeing the way I was reacting it was effecting my relationships with friends, family and myself. 

Effective stress management helps you break the hold it has on your life so you can be happier, healthier and more productive. If you struggle with stress you can learn how to effectively handle your stress by simply following these techniques that are proven to lower your stress levels. 


Regular exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress whether it be going to the gym or on a run around your neighborhood. Physical activity produces chemical endorphin's - a chemical in the brain that acts as a natural painkiller. Scientists have found that regular physical activity reduces levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep and self-esteem. 


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If practiced, it can help reduce stress, decrease anxiety and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation. When our bodies are exposed to stress or a threat we react in a "fight or flight" manner, which is very similar to an adrenaline rush feeling. This type of reaction increases blood pressure and pulse rate, fastens your breathing, and increases the blood flow to the muscles.

Practicing meditation for as little as 10 minutes a day will relax the body and will reduce stress. Meditating can be as simple as going on walk by yourself, listening to music in your room, journaling, or sitting in a quiet room focusing on your breathing. 

Connect with others 

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Your friends laugh at your jokes, your co-workers praise your work and your significant other gives you a hug. Humans are social animals, we crave feeling supported, valued and connected and the one thing we do most is go to one another. We naturally bust stress and boost each others well-being, so reaching out to a good friend, close family member or a trusted colleague will over all relax and relieve your body of any stress you have. 

Identify the stressors

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Stress management starts with identifying the causes of the stress. Although it may be easy to point out major stressors like a new job, home or going through relationship issues, but there's something that goes deeper. It's easy to say work deadlines stress you out but maybe it's your procrastination rather than the actual job demands. To identify the stressors take a closer look at your daily habits, attitudes and excuses. 


The most important one. We often get caught up with what we're doing we forget to stop and check in with yourself and take a few deep breaths. I like to consider this as "me time." When you feel like your life is going 100 mph stop and breathe, listen to your body tell you what it needs. Sometimes it aches for sleep or is in need of some physical activity. When you feed your body with what it needs you become more relaxed and in control. 

Stress is all about taking charge of your lifestyle, thoughts, emotions and the way you deal with problems. No matter how stressful it may seem there are always ways to maintain a stress free life. So, crack open those books and get studying and keeps these techniques in the back of your head!