My 2018 goal was to try new workout classes at my University gym and so far the PiYo workout class is checked off my list. I learned a lot of things by trying the PiYo workout and I am so excited to try out many more new classes this semester.

What is PiYo?

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Amy Schwartz

Many of you are probably wondering what is this PiYo workout? PiYo is a mix of pilates, which focuses on muscle and core building, and yoga, which focuses on strength and flexibility. This total-body workout is designed to strengthen small muscles(triceps, shoulders, biceps, calves) and large muscles( hamstrings, back, chest). 

1. You'll SWEAT A LOT

Going into this class, I never expected to sweat as much as I did. It was almost as I just came back from a 30 minute run. I actually loved that I sweat so much without putting too much pressure on my body it ensures me that I got a good workout in. PiYo is amazing for people who have struggled with injuries and are looking for a low impact workout where sweating is included.

2. You'll get a great stretch

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Ava Courtney

After trying an hour long yoga class for the first time this year, I decided it wasn't for me because I am just not able to hold a pose for longer than 5 seconds. I'm the type of person who exercises but doesn't take enough time to stretch before and after. With PiYo being faced paced, I got a perfect total-body stretch and my heart rate up at the same time without having to hold a stretch for a long time. It's a type of stretch where you still get the benefits of gaining flexibility.

3.  You'll gain endurance

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Denise Uy

I always thought that the only way I would gain endurance was through running long distance. It wasn't till I got injured twice that I learned that there are many other ways to gain endurance and PiYo is one of those ways. This workout focuses on cardio and muscle building consisting of squats and lunges with pulses and a lot of core sculpting with horizontal and side planks. You'll be stepping out of PiYo feeling strong, sweaty and you're muscles will feel good and stretched out.

4. It's fun and relaxing

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Sophie Pilkington

I never say that a workout is fun till it's over, but I actually thought PiYo was fun. It's built to be a fast paced workout, holding poses and switching to others and re-doing the set about 3 times. I really enjoyed the music that went along with each set too. I felt really relaxed and in the PiYo vibe. If you're like me and you're body physically can't hold a pose for a long time and you're looking for a good workout, I recommend trying a PiYo class.

Some workouts take me about 3-5 times for me to actually know if I like them or not especially because the second time I go, I'll already know a couple of the moves and won't have to look at the instructor the whole time. Everyone is different though. Some people just know from day one that it isn't for them and that's okay. Taking it easy and listening to your body is the most important thing of all.