As soon as my first year of college started, it has been a goal of mine to stay in shape. At first, it felt like a chore to get up and go to the gym. However, I have found reasons to enjoy going to the gym and to become motivated to put on those Reeboks, call a few friends, and kick some serious butt.  

1. I get to see my super cool workout buddies

Sarah Arora

My friends and I all have busy schedules and don’t really get to see each other every day. However, we always find time during the week or weekend to meet up for just 30 minutes to do a quick workout video, or a group fitness class at the gym.

Because I’m surrounded by friends, it  feels like a fun outing rather than a workout. We all motivate each other to kick butt and get strong.

2. It’s a valid excuse for not studying

Sarah Arora

As a pre-med student, I have plenty of those days where I’m stuck in the library bombarded with homework. I try to get it all done efficiently, but it gets to be taxing.

I sometimes lose focus and get tired of studying. When this happens, I head to the gym because by working out, I still feel productive even though I’m not studying.

3. It releases all my negative emotions.

College life is extremely challenging. There's school stress, social pressure, and lack of sleep. There are times where I feel like I cannot control anything.

In reality, I can control the resistance on a stationary bike, how much weight I lift, and my breathing during a yoga practice.

4. It never gets boring.

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Sarah Arora

Just search “workout videos” on YouTube. You’ll find a lifetime of cardio, strength training, and yoga/pilates videos. If you want a bigger butt, there are workout videos for that. At most college campuses, there are group fitness classes to try, all types of cardio equipment, weights, and even pools with open swim hours. 

There are a million and one ways to spend time at the gym. If you think going to the gym is boring, try something new. And take the "work" out of working out.