Nothing satisfies that afternoon craving like a delicious, soft, chewy, cookie — except for maybe a cookie that tastes amazing, is filled with wholesome natural ingredients, and is as tasty as it is good for you. Emmy's Organics cookies pack great taste, perfect texture, and a feel-good healthy vibes into convenient, bite-sized treats. And their fantastic variety of flavors is sure to please any sweet tooth.

Naturally Nutty

Sweet and salty, coconut and peanut, these treats tick all the boxes. Emmy's peanut butter cookies have all the textures and flavors you seek in a perfect peanut butter cookie, without any of the unhealthy ingredients. Opening the bag, you're first hit with the undeniable aroma of fresh, quality peanut butter. They balance the savory nutty taste with sweet coconut and agave, creating a perfectly satisfying dessert or snack.

Classic Choco Chip

Emmy's chocolate chip cookies are the ideal treat for all of us who try to be healthy adults, but are really just chocolate chip-obsessed kids at heart. Emmy's signature vanilla bean cookie is studded with dark chocolate morsels, so you get the perfect ratio of chocolate to vanilla in every bite. A cup of milk with these treats brings back all those nostalgic cookie flavors — but updated with a clean-eating twist.

Rich, Dark Cacao

Fair trade cocoa powder and cold-pressed coconut oil make these sophisticated bites ideal for any fan of dark chocolate. The coconut and pure cacao create a balanced, not-too-sweet chocolatey harmony that quickly makes you forget they're actually healthy. These cookies are elevated enough for a coffee break with espresso, but also make for great pre-run fuel.

With all the amazing flavors of Emmy's Organic cookies, it's hard to believe they're also vegan and gluten-free. Next time you're craving a sweet treat, check out Emmy's for an elevated, healthy option (that might even taste better than the original!).