Another year is coming to a close. Time to reflect on your past relationships with others and yourself.  Take what you want with you into 2017, leave what you don't.  No need to clutter your life with what you don't appreciate. Spoiler alert: Being yourself is so this year.

10. Listen More

Ever wonder why humans have two ears and one mouth?  Commit to learning from others in 2017 by asking questions and actively showing attentiveness during conversations.

9. Prioritize Tasks

Whether you use an app on your phone or good old paper and pen, know what needs to get done to help you stay organized. You'll be thankful that you took the time to prevent unnecessary stress.

8. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Doing something different will help you grow.  Pick up a new hobby with friends and maybe you'll discover a new passion while creating fun memories.

7. Reconnect with Old Friends

It's hard to make excuses when there are numerous ways to get in touch with the click of a button.  However, technology does a good job tricking you to feel like you're up-to-date with someone just by following their social media accounts. But there's so much more to a picture or post. Commit to reaching out in 2017.

6. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity 

It's easier to say yes to an offer than to make up an excuse.  No need to overthink things. Having an open mind will enable you to experience more and regret less.

5. Dig Deep

Whatever you do in 2017, remember WHY you are doing it. This strong motivational technique will inspire you to use your own experiences to help keep the passion alive. 

4.  Focus on Balance

Apply this mentality to (almost) any aspect of your life and you'll realize that moderation is key. Keith Urban knows what's up.

3. Think Positive Thoughts

You CAN do anything in 2017! But if you try your best and something doesn't go right, don't be so hard on yourself. Maintaining an encouraging attitude will make others further enjoy your company, but most importantly you will reap the benefits of positive self-talk.  

2. Live in the Moment

Be present and enjoy what is happening right now.  You'll be able to appreciate what is next while you're living it.

1. Happy YOU year!

Sometimes, being selfish is the right thing to do.  Every day, do something that makes you happy and you'll be an efficiency machine in 2017. 

These countdown tips are as easy as they sound. Challenge yourself to implement each practice little by little. Before you know it, you'll be the best version of yourself you've ever seen with plenty of time to spare in 2017.