Even college students need to regularly practice self-love. While there are countless articles about "treating yo’self" and practicing some self-love, it might seem unattainable to actually do it. Especially when many articles are sponsored by products that college students could only wish to afford (one day, though).

After all, the whole point of self-love is to treat yourself to the relaxation and care that it deserves. It wouldn’t be very soothing if you spent your monthly budget on one pedicure. Sure, the pedicure itself would be nice, but you’d immediately regret it, because you’d be stressing out about how to afford your other monthly expenditures.

Although it might seems as though college students are only limited to treating themselves to two ramen noodles packets (instead of one), there are many creative ways they can shower themselves with love. Here are 10 ways to practice self-love on a college student's budget.

1. Make yourself some coffee

While you could spend $8 on an absurd amount of dairy products to water down your coffee at Starbucks or Caribou, it’s much more comforting to make your own cup o’ Joe.

While Devika, a writer at Spoon DU, says that she enjoys treating herself to coffee at a coffee shop, you don't need to speed money at an actual coffee shop feel better about yourself.

You can easily replicate several types of coffee from the comfort of your dorm or apartment. Even if coffee isn’t your thing, making yourself a fresh cup of tea is a stress-free way to make yourself feel peaceful.

2. Take time to catch up on the news

Personally, I enjoy spending at least 30 minutes per day reading the latest articles from a slew of different online publications. It’s important to stay informed about the world we live in, and denying yourself knowledge is a form of depriving yourself of self-love.

Reading the news each day doesn't have to put a damper on your day either. If news about the rest of world (which, let's face it, can ruin the happiest of moods) is too intense for you, you can also read some pop culture news. Unless of course, the latest Kardashian-Jenner clan news is still too stressful for you, then maybe you should skip this one.

3. Go on a walk

As someone who goes on leisurely strolls around campus and the local parks, regular walking allows you get away from your typical indoor environment, which can give you a necessary break from studying. 

When I go on my daily walks at Ada Hayden Heritage Park, I make a point to walk slowly to enjoy my time. While walking through the entire park is approximately 6 kilometers, I don't consider my stroll a form of exercise (even though it is). It's just so serene that I forget that I'm working out. 

I use this time to remind myself of the natural work around me, taking photos as I walk.

4. Visit an animal shelter

It's easy to miss our beloved fluffy friends when we're away at college. While you could trek back to your hometown just to give your dog a few belly scratches, sometimes it's more logical to visit your local animal shelter to get quality time with some furry critters.

Spending some time petting and playing with animals can easily help you destress and feel better about yourself. Plus, it makes the animal that you're showering with attention feel better about itself, because it's being pampered with affection. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

5. Cook a meal just for yourself

While eating and cooking with friends is entertaining, there is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. Making a meal for yourself allows you to focus on yourself for a chance, and your desires and wants.

While Kyle Dresback, a senior at Iowa State University, personally loves cooking for his roommates, he says that he prefers cooking for himself at least once a week, because it sets aside some "him-time" to focus on only himself.

6. Write it out

Journaling and writing literally lets your words escape you. Whether you’re peeved that Ronda got the promotion that you totally should have gotten, write it down. 

It’s up to your discretion whether you feel like you need to vent on your piece of paper (or Google Doc), or write a reassuring letter to yourself about all the positive attributes that you contribute to your job (or whatever else is stressing you out). 

Regardless, journaling allows your mind to wander, so that you don't become obsessed with your own thoughts.

7. Take a long shower or bath

The catch here is don’t take a shower just to clean yourself. Make an ordeal of your shower. Instead of just disrobing and turning on the water knob, plan ahead to make your bathing experience as relaxing as possible.

John Remus, a senior at Iowa State University, explains, "I listen to classical music while I shower in the morning, to make my shower-time more relaxing." Beyond simply putting on some tunes, you can also burn a scented candle or incense in your bathroom while you bathe, to create a scent associated with this relaxing time

Then, you'll be able to use that same smell to calm yourself so you can focus on self-care outside of the shower.

8. Paint a pretty picture

Even if you have no artistic intuition in your body, painting is a great way to completely forget about your stresses. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to make a perfect painting or a realistic portrait.

Instead, focus on being as messy and chaotic as possible with your paper and paint. 

Sloppy painting is a great release of your energy, because it gives you a contrast from your typical structured routine. Plus, you can even use your leftover coffee as paint, in case you want to get even more creative.

9. Start a project

This option might seem a bit open-ended, seeing as a “project” is admittedly vague. It could be simple, like scrubbing the dishes that have been stacking up in the sink since the start of the month. It could be learning how to whistle a catchy pop song. 

Nevertheless, starting a project gives yourself a sense of purpose, which can make you feel better about yourself.

10. Compliment yourself

This form of self-love is incredibility underrated, but it’s critical to boosting your self-worth and self-esteem, and actually making yourself believe that you are a substantial individual. 

Often complimenting yourself is overlooked, however, it can positively impact your self-love. Because you're openly acknowledging all the good attributes that you have, then you aren't weighing yourself down with negative comments or thoughts about yourself. 

While you still might not have the best self-esteem after giving yourself a few compliments, over time the positive feedback you give yourself will outweigh the negative thoughts that nag at you.

Although our physical health is important, we often overlook our mental health, which includes taking time to show ourselves that we love us for who we are. 

At the highest peak of your self-love breakthrough, you might be willing to spend any price to appreciate yourself and implement self-care. However, you don't actually need to spend your whole paycheck or even a quarter of it to make you love yourself.