Music is so powerful and can help revitalize and strengthen both your body and mind. I use music to help validate my feelings and emotions but also to give me a boost of confidence when I am feeling down. There are songs out there that will make you feel fearless, energized, and powerful and that is exactly what you need in order to start off the new year right. 

I am going to provide you with a list of ten songs that you can listen to that will not only boost your mood, but they will make you feel happier and better able to conquer the new year. 

1. So What - P!nk

"So What" is not only a great workout song, but I think it is a tune that can be used to say goodbye to the negative memories and regrets of 2017 and move on into the new year. Even if you cannot completely forget what happened last year, this song can help to remind you that no matter what you are going through you can still feel secure and confident in the person that you are. 

2. Beautiful City - Hunter Parrish 

I am assuming that many of you have never heard of this song before, but this song has worked wonders for me when I am feeling down and at a loss for words with society. During our current political climate, many people feel confused as to what is going on in society. This song can help to reassure you that there are people out there who care about the future of both humanity and the environment which can make you feel happier and at ease. 

3. Who Says - Selena Gomez 

This song has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a little girl and I love how empowering it is. The song is all about accepting yourself as who you are and not letting other peoples judgements and negativity towards you change your perception of yourself worth and beauty. I think that is someone anyone can benefit from whether it be at the start of the new year or not. 

4. We Own The Night - The Wanted

The Wanted is not longer a boyband, but their music can still be found online and "We Own The Night" is probably one of my favorite go-to feel good songs. This song is about enjoying every day to the fullest while filling each day with lovely people and memories that will leave you feeling satisfied at the end of your life. The beat of the song also calls for a mini dance party - so go to an empty room, shut the door, and dance on!

5. Let It Go - Frozen 

"Frozen" is one of my favorite Disney films and the music in it is even better. "Let It Go" is such a powerful song that can be used to try to let go of the past and move on in a healthy manner. This song can help you to feel ready to take the next step towards living a happy and fulfilling life. 

6. Boss - Fifth Harmony

We are all bosses of our own lives, but what is better than showing others who the real boss is? "Boss" is such an invigorating song that will make you feel powerful, strong, and in charge of your own life. The lovely ladies of Fifth Harmony do an excellent job of telling their audience how everyone deserves respect and if someone does not give that to you, then you need to get them out of your life ASAP. 

7.  Confident - Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a powerhouse in the music industry and all of her songs never fail to top the charts. Demi released her song "Confident" last a little more than 2 years ago and has become one of my favorites. This song is about having confidence and being unapologetic about it. In society we are told that having confidence is bad or too much of it means that we are insecure, but in reality having confidence means that we accept and believe in ourselves which is extremely important in living a healthy life. 

8. Don't Give Up - Josh Groban

I came across this song one day when I was randomly searching through the internet and it has changed my life. "Don't Give Up" was written to reach out to those people who are depressed, feel alone and unloved, or are just in need of some reassurance. Groban does an excellent job of communicating that message to his fans and does so in a way that makes you feel uplifted and inspired by the end of the song. 

9. Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld

This song has been on repeat for me for a while now and I just think it is the perfect song to boost your mood. The song has an extremely upbeat tempo and is matched with meaningful lyrics about self love and acceptance that we could all use going into this new year. 

10. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" is the perfect example of how to pick yourself back up with times get tough. If you have had your share of bad times in the past, take this new year to reflect and keep fighting and growing from them. 

Now stop reading this and go listen to these amazing songs to start off your 2018 right!