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5 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block as a Spoon Writer

Spoon writers, this one's for you.

I'm an avid Spoonie who never gets sick of writing. Usually, I have a list of ideas and know what to write about next. However, there are times where I run out of ideas and hit a frustrating little roadblock called writer's block, a condition in which the writer runs out of ideas and is forced to look for motivation. Writer's block can be hard, and I'm actually going through it this minute, so I decided to write it. There. Instant idea. Anyway, here are five ways you can potentially overcome this condition. 

1. Write down ideas.

candy, cake
Shelby Cohron

The longer your list of ideas, the less writer's block you will face. Oftentimes I get really good ideas but forget them if I don't write them down. If you get an idea for a Spoon article at 3 am, by all means, write it down. 

2. Talk to friends and collaborate. 

Sarah Arora

I often ask my friends if they have ideas for articles. Most of the time, at least one of them has a good idea. I'd say that about 40% of my articles were written because of requests I'd received—thanks, friends!

I've also written articles with other people in my chapter and outside of my university. Shoutout to my good friend Devika from Spoon-DU, who's always got the best ideas and is always willing to collaborate!

3. Look online.

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Caitie Veech

Scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feed. Go on BuzzFeed and get inspired. Create a quiz. Take something that's already out there and put your own spin on it. There are so many ideas for you out there. 

4. Write down your thoughts.

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Amy Cho

Stressed about school? Excited about that next family vacation? See any good movies lately? Write about it. You could get inspired by just writing whatever's on your mind.

One time, I was writing about how much I love coffee, and I ended up writing a wonderful ode:

Here’s to you, sweetness.

You keep me happy

You keep me sane

Without you

I’d give everyone pain

Without you I cannot talk

Hell, I cannot even open my eyes.

Without you I’m no one.

And you’re better than all guys.

See? Masterpiece. 

5. Take a little break.

This is often the last resort for me, as I like to keep writing to keep my stats up and mind relaxed. But you can always take a few days off from writing and ideas will come to you. If an idea does come up, follow the advice I gave in #1. 

Next time you don't have an idea, go out and find one. Writer's block is a natural thing that all great authors face. Trust yourself. You'll eventually get back on your feet, pencil in your hand, in no time.