Señor Frogs is one of the most magical bars you will stumble into. Whether it's located in Mexico, Key West, Orlando, or Miami—you will have an unforgettable experience (if you remember any of it). Not sure what to bring with you on your travels to the drunken promise land? Here are some tips I picked up on my latest journey to the infamous Señor Frogs in Cozumel, Mexico—good luck.

Don't Forget to Conga

During my wild experience at Señor Frogs, I learned that it is inevitable that you will be on top of the bar dancing your heart out. Grab friends, strangers, or the girl lying on the floor half naked coddling a bottle of tequila that she snatched from the bar and CONGA.

Make sure you do this before you are too intoxicated to stay balanced, otherwise you will end up on the floor. If you do end up on top of the bar marching around, keep your shoes on. But please don't get up there if you are wearing heels.

Try the Signature Mojito

My undying love for mojitos stemmed from my visit to

Señor Frogs. Although these fancy drinks can get somewhat pricey, you have to try at least one. If calories are a big no-no for you and your weight loss goals, try these 7 ways to cut calories from your mixed drinks (you'll thank me later).

If you're worried that you may drop your drink while parading on top of the bar, you should invest in the tall souvenir cup. It will save your drink. I keep it as a reminder of the best time of my life (while it gathers dust on my dresser). 

Expect to Receive a Mouthful of Liquor

The employees get a kick out of standing on top of the bar and inappropriately pouring liquor from a bottle into your mouth. (They hold the bottle in a gesture that looks like they are peeing in the place you put food). Don't take this as a personal offense, they're trying to have as much fun as you are. You will most likely want to take the bottle from their hands and run—please don't do this.

Speaking from personal experience, they will chase you down and try to kick you out of the bar. If you can't seem to recuperate from your binge drinking tendencies, try these strange remedies from fellow Tweeters.

Don't Feel Ashamed If You Can't Remember Anything

ice cream, ice
Brenna McHenry

This only means you were successful in your mission to get as intoxicated as possible in the most forgiving bar known to man (or woman, aka me). You may not recall if you kissed the bartender, or if you kissed the toothless man you danced with on the bar, but it's okay. What happens in Señor Frogs, stays in Señor Frogs.