We've all been there before. It's senior year, and your high school sweetheart just can't see a future for your relationship. You realize your long-term hook up seems to only text you on the weekends. Your pizza delivery was supposed to take 30 minutes, but it's been 2 hours and still no pizza. No matter the source of your heartbreak, here are 10 cocktails to guarantee you get your #drank on ASAP. 

1. Fruity Baby Food Cocktail

Hailey Maher

Hear me out. This may sound weird, but baby food is pretty much just fruit purée, so don't let your pet peeve hold you back from turning up.

2. Ginger Mint Julep

Jacqueline O'Reilly

It doesn't have to be derby season to drown your sorrows in this ode to summertime.

3. Frozen margaritas

Alexa Gambero

These margaritas will go from ingredients to glass so fast there won't be a single minute to think about your heartache. 

4. Gin and Lime Cocktail

Jacqueline O'Reilly

This drink is so tangy and refreshing, it's all you'll be able to think about. Definitely won't have be thinking about your ex!

5. 1832 Whiskey

Cecilia Leng

Personally, this drink would probably make my heart hurt more, but if you're into whiskey, more power to you. 

6. Pumpkin Spice Soda

Becky Hughes

Just cause you're heartbroken doesn't mean you can't still be basic, and this pumpkin spice vodka soda is clearly the best way to do that. 

7. Make Your Own Fireball

Scott Harrington

All wrapped up in your PJs and too lazy to go out and buy everyone's favorite spicy liquor? Make your own and let the burn of cinnamon incinerate your worries. 

8. Aperol Spritz

Margaret Block

Maybe your heart is broken because you miss being abroad in Florence, perhaps. If so, soothe your pain with this easy Italian cocktail. 

9. Frosé

Caroline Early

Nothing cures sadness like making the trendiest drink around, aka Frosé (or frozen rosé). No time to think about heartbreak when you're too busy Instagramming these beauties.  

10. Boozy Strawberries

Emma Delaney

These strawberries are perfect for when you're a little hungry, but also want to get drunk. Bonus: they're almost too easy to make.