Those of us who split our time between watching Modern Family and walking up and down Sheridan Road might not be able to burn off fried chicken and buffet-style dinners every day. But powerhouse Kain Colter can afford to eat that and more. His intense workout regimen allows him to indulge in his favorite foods and still be a top quarterback in the Big Ten. We caught up with Colter to find out about the average diet of a college football superstar.

Fast Facts

Daily caloric intake: 5,000
Favorite food: Barbecue pulled pork or ribs
Best home cooked meal: Twice baked potato, Grandma’s mac and cheese and fried chicken
Favorite food to cook: Steak, sweet corn and scalloped potatoes
Guilty pleasure: Vanilla ice cream
Typical breakfast: Hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and yogurt
Typical lunch: Mexican food or baked potatoes
Typical dinner: carb-loading with pasta