Evanston has been unofficially dubbed the “City of Churches,” but it could also be nicknamed the “City of affordably priced Asian restaurants.” From Koi to Joy Yee’s, Cozy to Lulu’s, Evanston has so many Asian restaurants that one is often deterred from exploring the variety of Asian restaurants in Chicago.

Enter Indie Cafe. Located one block from the Thorndale Red Line stop, this Thai/Japanese Asian-fusion restaurant is a welcome change from Evanston’s Asian restaurants. Founded by two professional artists, Indie Cafe itself is an interesting combination of traditional Asian and modernist motifs. The restaurant’s dualism is most apparent in its color scheme, one half an upbeat off-white, and the other half a warmer, more intimate auburn.

This almost-schizophrenic divide between the halves of the restaurant extends to its food as well. For those seeking a more comforting, relaxing experience, the restaurant carries traditional (if not overly-impressive) Thai fare such as Pad Thai, Pad See-Ew and an assortment of curries. Yet, where the restaurant really shines is in its selection of sushi. The sushi rolls are at the same time striking works of art and culinary marvels. With such offerings as the La Fiesta, Sex on the Moon and Crocodile Rolls, it’s impossible to go wrong.

Overall, Indie Cafe is an affordable, convenient and pleasing experience for any Northwestern craving a change from their traditional Asian dining scene.