There are so many different types of ramen out there today it’s often hard to figure out which one to buy. Do you choose by price, by recommendation, or by internet reviews? This article will reveal which ramen is considered “the best” through noodle texture, smell, and broth taste.

Six brands of ramen were blindly taste tested by four college freshmen at random. To determine top contender, each person was asked to rate the criteria (noodle, smell, and broth) on a scale from one to five based on pleasantness. Additional comments were made after each taste. After they tried the different ramen types, the points were totaled to reveal the best.

6. Nissin Souper Meal

ramen taste test

Photo by Gamaliel De La Torre

Score: 10.5/20

Cost: $1.75/bowl

Student 1: “Lemony taste, weird overall.” 3/5

Student 2: “No Comment” 3.5/5

Student 3: “Tastes like curry, I don’t think that taste belongs in ramen.” 2/5

Student 4: “No Comment” 2/5

5. Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup

ramen taste test

Photo by Gamaliel De La Torre

Score: 12.5/20

Cost: $1.00/bowl

Student 1: “Noodle texture is subpar.” 2.5/5

Student 2: “No Comment” 2.5/5

Student 3: “The broth has a salty tang, which I like.” 3.5/5

Student 4: “Noodles are really long, makes it a little messy.” 4/5

4. Black Shin Ramen

ramen taste test

Photo by Gamaliel De La Torre

Score: 13/20

Cost: $2.00/packet

Student 1: “Broth has a thicker and stronger consistency.” 3.5/5

Student 2: “Broth was spicy, but there wasn’t much flavor.” 3/5

Student 3: “Tastes meatier than the others.” 3.5/5

Student 4: “No Comment” 3/5

3. Shin Ramen

ramen taste test

Photo by Gamaliel De La Torre

Score: 13.5/20

Cost: $1.25/packet

Student 1: “If I had to pick a top choice, I would choose Shin Ramen.” 3.5/5

Student 2: “No Comment” 3/5

Student 3: “Broth flavor was a low point. My top choice however would be Shin Ramen. I think overall a lot of people would enjoy the taste of this one.” 3.5/5

Student 4: “Spicy but not a whole lot of flavor.” 3.5/5

2. Hong Ramyun

ramen taste test

Photo by Gamaliel De La Torre

Score: 14/20

Cost: $1.20/packet

Student 1: “Acidic taste.” 3.5/5

Student 2: “Solid noodle texture and great level of spice.” 3.5/5

Student 3: “No Comment” 3.5/5

Student 4: “Overall a good choice. My favorite was Hong Ramyun, each component was good separately.” 3.5/5

1. Jin Ramen

ramen taste test

Photo By Gamaliel De La Torre

Score: 15/20

Cost: $1.15/packet

Student 1: “No Comment” 3.5/5

Student 2: “My top choice would be Jin Ramen, overall it tasted the best to me.” 4/5

Student 3: “Noodle texture and broth go well together.” 4/5

Student 4: “Flavor is not as strong as I’d like it to be.” 3.5/5

Well, the numbers don’t lie. So next time you want some ramen, why not try Jin Ramen and see if you agree?