On October 27, UGA students and dawg fans had the chance to celebrate the upcoming Georgia vs. Florida game and fall break the only way we know how: waffles and fried chicken.

Two of the best restaurants known to the South came together in one holy matrimony to create the perfect chicken and waffle combination. Chick-fil-A and Waffle House joined forces on one epic night that was everything except disappointing.

Although the line was out the door (2,600 people RSVP’d yes), it moved quickly as hungry students wearing Waffle House paper hats grabbed a waffle topped with three chicken fingers and a side of hash browns. The Chick-Fil-A was packed and played only classic hits continuously throughout the evening.

Even the famous Chick-Fil-A cow made an appearance wearing a “Gator fans heart jorts and burgers” shirt.

After practically inhaling my food in a matter of seconds (and managing to break a fork in the process), I noticed that everyone does chicken and waffles their own way. While I drowned my chicken and waffles in syrup, some ate the two separately. A few coated their waffle in a heavy layer of butter before chowing down. And even some went topping-less on both.

No matter the method, there was not one person who left without consuming a food-coma-inducing amount of food. And, if anything was learned tonight, it’s that all dawgs love chicken and waffles.