We’re searching for food lovers who possess a passion for writing, photography, videography, marketing, and social media (any or all of the above). It is the start of something new and whether you’re a new baby Badger ready to climb Bascom for the first time or a weathered rising senior, the anticipation for the first tailgate can’t be contained. Before you list your email under every slightly interesting group at the student organization fair (September 14 – September 15), take into account what you want out of your college experience. If you’re a creative, media-driven student with a concentration on journalism, marketing, strategic communications, or the arts, chances are you would fit in at Spoon.

What IS Spoon you may ask! Spoon University is a food and lifestyle magazine written for college students by college students. We produce content that is relatable for Badgers and also college students across the country, informative, and generally pretty dope. Spoon also plans events that brings the campus together around food (cue the marketing team).

1. You will make connections on campus


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Spoon is awesome because it attracts the people you want to surround yourself with: motivated, like-minded students who are creative and use their words to inform and inspire change. There are over 40,000 students at UW, and Spoon makes it easier to find people who possess similar passions. Spoon will allow you to make meaningful connections with fellow Badgers and other students across the country, given Spoon’s powerful member network.

2. You will be able to prepare for the “real world”


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If you’re pursuing a career in journalism, public relations, or marketing, chances are you will need reputable experience on your resume. Spoon has a strong national reputation for innovative and forward-thinking content built to flourish in our fast-paced digitally mediated society. Not only does Spoon look great on paper, but it looks even better when your name is the byline on an article that takes off on  Facebook or Instagram. Spoon will prepare you with the skills you need to build your portfolio and land your dream job.

3. You can apply what you learn in class


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J-Schoolers and Marketing majors, we’re looking at you. The hours you spend in lecture or slaving away in College Library are worth it when you realize you can apply what you learned to something outside of the classroom. Putting your knowledge into practice is a valuable experience, and will improve your general skill set.

4. You have an excuse to indulge


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The best part of Spoon is the material we produce, which wouldn’t be possible without actually consuming the food we feature. The restaurant reviews can’t just write themselves! Plus we are never opposed to Greenbush Donuts during meetings.

5. You have the opportunity to have your work published for millions of viewers to see


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Spoon University transcends the boundaries between campuses and incorporates themes that apply to a variety of college students. The network reaches from East Coast to West Coast, but also across the Atlantic as well into Europe. When Spoon publishes a national article you wrote, your voice will be heard around corners of the world where you may never have reached before. If you’re a person who is passionate about food related topics such as health, fitness, or cooking and you want to write meaningful (or just fun) pieces, Spoon cultivates writers who publish articles that make people want to click on your link again and again. Spoon is more than just a platform, because Spoon is a program that teaches young aspiring writers and communicators how to make sure their voices are heard in a way that is accurate and prepares you for further opportunities in the media.

If you’re not a writer, that is okay. We welcome videographers, photographers, and strategic thinkers. Every aspect of Spoon could not fully function without a balanced team.


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To apply, visit https://secretsauce.spoonuniversity.com/users/sign_up.