Do you like food? Do like media? Why not combine both, and join the Saint Joseph’s University chapter of Spoon University? Here are 5 reasons why you should:

1. You Can Write, Eat, and Talk about Food

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Whether it’s at a weekly Spoon SJU meeting, over our member GroupMe messages, or through our awesome Instagram; the topic of food is a constant theme. The article and discussion possibilities are endless since there’s so much out there. At meetings, we plan for upcoming fundraiser events, potential article ideas, and snack on yummy treats made by Spoon members. GroupMe is our number one source of communication. We talk about articles, post food pictures, send in our favorite restaurants around campus, and chat about food discoveries in Philly. Instagram is where we showcase our love of food through unique pictures with clever captions and hashtags. If you haven’t followed us already, you can here.

2. Anyone Can Join

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While SJU is nationally recognized for its Food Marketing program, not every member of Spoon SJU is a FMK major. Some of our members’ majors include: Communications, Marketing, Biology, and Psychology. Any grade year is also welcome…seniors it’s not too late to join a really cool club. The Spoon SJU chapter was founded by passionate freshmen last year, so this is a great way to get involved on campus like they did. You also don’t need any background in writing or social media, but this is a great way to start.

3. The Spoon World is Your Oyster

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Spoon is made up of student-writers, photographers, editors, and social media gurus. No matter what you’re passionate about, there is a place for you at Spoon. Writers are free to write about health, restaurants, lifestyle, recipes, and more. You can write about anything from Which Sex Position You Should Try Based on Your Favorite Kind of Pizza to True College-Kid Ramen Recipes. You can also become a photographer and take photos or videos to be featured on Spoon’s official social media platforms or in Spoon SJU articles. Your creativity is encouraged and demanded.

4. Unlimited Networking Opportunities

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Spoon SJU is a great way to showcase your talents and connect with professionals. A popular article or video can receive millions of views- now put that on your resume! Spoon also hosts an annual BrainFood convention with speakers and leaders from various food industries. Members from chapters travel to the 2-day summertime conference to learn from and speak with food-loving professionals. Here’s what this summer’s ticket included.

5. Become a Part of Our Food Community

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This fall, join clubs that will interest you in the long haul. If writing, photographing, and connecting with passionate foodies interests you, consider joining us! Spoon SJU will enhance your knowledge, passion, and love for food, health, and life. As a new club on campus, we are sure you’ll fit right in!

To apply, visit and click on “Join?” You can also reach out to St. Joe’s leadership team by emailing