1. The Service

I have never enjoyed better service at a burger bar in my life, period. I walked in with two friends and was immediately greeted by the bartender/host/owner (I’m not even sure what his job was because he introduced himself by his first name, but he immediately set about making us feel at home). We had four more friends on the way, and the host said, “No problem, we’ll save a second table so you can all sit together.” A lot of establishments won’t seat you until your whole party arrives, but at Square Bar and Grill, they’re happy to save you an extra table on your word that more are on the way. The bar has thankfully avoided the overcrowding suffered by some of the more well-known places around the city like Kuma’s Corner, allowing this bar to offer the incredible service that we experienced. Honestly, I have no idea how it isn’t more popular because the meal we had was near-perfect burger bar fare (see below for the next 2 reasons).

2. The American Dream burger

Photo by Tom Wilberg

We all know and love the American dream we learned about in American history class way back when, but this burger is a wholly different proposition. I personally love a good grilled cheese and have often just had one and called it a meal. With the American Dream burger, two grilled cheeses make up the bun, which contains a 10-oz., char-grilled burger patty topped with smoked applewood bacon, sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. When paired with fries, this burger basically constitutes three meals, but let’s be honest, nobody goes to a burger bar to be healthy. Burger bars are about enjoying one of the greatest foods in the world, and Square Bar and Grill delivers not only on creativity and intention but on quality as well. My burger came out a perfect medium-rare with the juicy, large patty topped with thick bacon and melted Swiss cheese (I passed on the mushrooms). The first bite of this burger is a delightful fusion of the thickness and juiciness of the meat with the richness of the grilled cheese, a bite that any burger enthusiast should experience.

3. The Big Square burger

Photo by Tom Wilberg

The Big Square is more of a classic burger, omitting the decadence that is two grilled cheese sandwiches in favor of a more conventional pretzel bun. The toppings are also classic: tomatoes, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce and bacon. But, the taste is anything but run of the mill. The burger was perfectly cooked, coming out red and warm in the middle, juicy and alluring in the way that only a burger can be. After digging in, I have to say that this succulent burger is an impressive iteration of the classic burger, with all the ingredients well-made and present in the right proportions. For the less adventurous (or less hungry), this burger is an ideal option that I found tasty and satisfying.